About Stephen

Stephen Escudero is an aspiring filmmaker, writer, podcaster, humanitarian, and blogger. He loves comic-books. He loves movies. He loves Danielle Edghill whom he hosts the official podcast of Vundablog.com with the Vundacast. He also hosts the BTiLC podcast the official un-official podcast all about Big Trouble in Little China. Stephen Escudero has grown up on the mean streets of Miami, where he always showed a penchant for talking about unimportant garbage. He's always been a movie fan, his top 10 favorite films as of his 29th year are sort of Big Trouble in Little China, Hellboy, Easy Rider, The Magnificent Seven, Total Recall, Back to the Future, Dazed and Confused, Boogie Nights, From Dusk Till Dawn, and The Big Lebowski. There's still room for more "I got a whole life of watching movies still ahead of me and more already to continue that list someday". My goal is to make my own independent feature film, continue to produce the Vundacast podcast and BTiLC podcast, and keep on writing comic books.