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The Dark Knight Rises: The Hero we need.

On 07/19/2012,  I was one of the lucky ones who was able to enjoy "The Dark Knight Rises". I actually went for the trilogy marathon, and I was able to gain perspective on the film series as a whole before partaking of the final offering from Christopher Nolan and his vision of Batman. 
I watched the trilogy, got home around 4:30a.m. happy and exhausted, and went to bed dreaming of a world where a hero like Batman could exist, an incorruptible symbol of justice and good. 
Then I woke up. While I had been at my theater totally unaware, at about 15 minutes til midnight in Aurora, CO a 24 year old man named James Holmes walked in to a crowed movie theater, threw tear gas canisters in to the audience that promptly exploded, and then started to fire at random in to a crowd of men, women, and children. [Source,]
While I enjoyed my TDKR(The Dark Knght Rises) experience, there were people suffering and dying, just trying to enjoy small moments of their live in Colorado, and of c…

Unitarian Universalism blog rebranding

Well, it seems a lot has happened since the last time I wrote in here.

I've decided that from this point on, this will be a blog on all things Unitarian Universalism (though I suppose as broad a theme as that is, it's still limiting in some ways--perhaps it would be better to refer to this as a "liberal religion blog"; not quite as catchy though).  With that in mind I suppose I should sort of reintroduce myself.

I'm Derrick.  I'm 27 years old.  I am from Miami, FL and I am an active member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami (UUCM); our minister is the lovely Rev. Wendy Pantoja.  I go to Florida International University and I'm majoring in Political Science and International Relations with a minor in Philosophy.  I am currently co-chairing (and essentially reinstating and reinvigorating) my congregation's Denominational Affairs committee and have also served on the Social Justice Committee as co-chair as well as the Membership Committee …