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2022's Top 10 Horror Films

Dani, D-Rock, and Stephen go through their favorite scary movies of 2022. Over thirty movies are discussed, in this gluttonous last episode of the year for the Vundacast.   Stephen's Top 10: 1. Adult Swim Yule Log/The Fireplace 2. You Are Not My Mother 3. Glorious 4. Dashcam 5. Halloween Ends 6. Nope 7. Werewolf By Night 8. Prey 9. Graveyard Rats  10. Barbarian Dani's Top 10: 1. The Outside 2. Hatching 3. Nope 4. The Autopsy 5. Adult Swim Yule Log/The Fireplace 6. Glorious 7. You Are Not My Mother 8. Halloween Ends 9. Offseason 10. Barbarian D-Rock's Top "10" 1. Hatching 2. The Menu 3. Hellhole 4. You Won't Be Alone 5. Adult Swim Yule Log/The Fireplace 6. A Wounded Fawn 7. Alone With You 8. Fresh 9. You Are Not My Mother 10. X / Pearl Hear this up!!!

Surprise Trials of Trivia! with Power Rangers Alpha's Magical Commentary Track

Vundacast 215: Power Rangers Surprise Holiday Special. Stephen surpises D-rock, Dani, Mr. J, Blockbuster Guy Frank, and Gerald the Lavendar Ranger  with a game of the Trials of Trivia for the fourth time ever. We also do a commentary track for the Power Rangers Special Alpha's Magical Christmas.  Hear this up!!!

The Matrix Resurrections Retrospective ep. 214

D-rock, Dani, and Stephen discuss 2021's The Matrix Resurections one year after it's release how do we feel about this new ending to the Matrix Franchise. We reminisce on how this film is connected to the previous Matrix sequels. We also watch the alternate ending to the Matrix trilogy presented in the video game The Path of Neo.  Hear this up!!!