Thursday, July 31, 2008

YOUTUBE GOLD: reel geezers have a dark night at the Dark Knight

My Dark Knight review is coming soon sorry for the delay but it's taken a while to put my thoughts together. i was watching reel geezers review on dark knight which you can see here.
I never heard of Batman's origin as Bat's being all criminals common fear and that's why he chose it as his mantle. It's campy, cool, and kind of neat. Although kind of lame. It got me thinking what other explanations for Batman's style could or have people come up with. If anyone knows any better justifications for dressing up as a bat please let me know below.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Near Miss!

Old Man Logan #2 comes out tomorrow and I'm pretty hyped. I almost missed the first issue but thanks to a cover of the week nod by nick, i checked it out in the store and after perusing the art was sold. 

OLD MAN LOGAN! is the coolest freaking book out there. Millar is really owning the comic book industry. He's delivering a lot of fun cool stories. Between 1985, Kick-Ass and this. I think it's safe to call myself a Millar fan especially after reading Wanted. 

Imagine Wolverine as a pacifist in a post-apocalyptic Marvel Universe. The giant villain uprising that happens in Wanted is now applied to the Marvel Universe. 


Only Marvel's villains are too gawdy to run the world in secret peacefully. They have to own it publicy and feud against each other.

 The Hulks redneck kids were a joy.


Wow all of the Hulks offspring are dangerous.


By the way, Wolverine has a son named Scott! LOL!

Monday, July 28, 2008

ThE Read Pile - 7/30/08

#1 GREEN LANTERN #33 - This story is perfect. I love the way that Johns writes Sinestro. He's so pompous. 

#2 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA ANNUAL #1 - This looks awesome. Doc Retro must be hyped.

#3 WOLVERINE #67 - Old Man Logan is awesome. The Marvel version of wanted with a little bit of Escape from New York thrown in. 

#4 STAR TREK YEAR FOUR ENTERPRISE EXPERIMENT #4 - This book is solid and I love the art is has a very nostalgic felling which i dig. Keep it up IDW.

#5 TEEN TITANS #61 - Kind of pissed my favorite Titan Ravager is off the squad hope she returns soon. Until then Blue Beetle and Kid Devil will have to do.

#6 BLUE BEETLE #29 - I like this cover. Is that supposed to be the Texas Mexico border?

#7 BATMAN DEATH MASK #4(OF 4)  -More Batmanga. I love it. I'd love to see the Manga take on Scarecrow or Joker or Killer Croc.


#9 SECRET INVASION FANTASTIC FOUR #3(OF 3) - I like this book i thought I would've dropped it but it's a good read and new reader friendly.

#10 HUNTRESS YEAR ONE #6(OF 6) - One of the best year one's i've read.


#12 SKAAR SON OF HULK #2 - This is fun. I'm currently reading Planet Hulk in trades and enjoying it. 

#13 REIGN IN HELL #1(OF 8) - Hope this doesn't suck eight issues is a long time for a mini. 

#14 TRUE BELIEVERS #1(OF 5) - I don't know what this is but I'm getting it.

#15 STAR TREK MIRROR IMAGES #2 - Pretty good worth a look at least. 

Saturday, July 26, 2008

erisleaves and stephen cries: chapter 5 the end?

erisluahs has removed all her videos and given no explanation. alot of things are falling aprt lots of books ending now eris. this truly is a final crisis.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

thE Read Pile - 7/23/08

#1 IMMORTAL IRON FIST #17 - I like the direction Marvel is taking Iron Fist he's really growing as a character. 

#2 TRINITY #8 - Trinity is working for me the story feels like it's building to something real and the characters seem to be moving toward the same place. 

#3 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #15 - Nightwing and Hawkman not the most excited team up but let's see what type of chemistry they produce.

#4 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #26 - This book wraps up the Mongul arch which is pretty good. 

#5  JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #23 - JLA needs to step it up. Cool cover though.

#6 TWO FACE: YEAR ONE #1(OF 2) - With all the Batman energy in the air how could I not pick up a book about my favorite bat-foe.

#7 JOKER'S ASYLUM: SCARECROW #1 - These Joker Asylum's have been hit or miss, hopefully this one will hit. 

#8 NEW AVENGERS #43 - Secret Invasion sucks and takes forever and has the worst flow of any story ever. 

#9 SUPERMAN #678 - First issue was good so I'm still on board.

#10 WOLVERINE FIRST CLASS #5 - Wolverine in Alpha Flight sounds like fun.

#11 X-MEN LEGACY #214 - The end of last issue was great tease at Mr. Sinister/ Prof. X. This is the worst book I read but the next issue always seems like it's going to improve. 

#12 AMBUSH BUG: YEAR NONE #1(OF 6) - Never read an Ambush bug comic so here is my first taste.

moment of weakness

This variant of Immortal Iron Fist #17 is to cool not to show off. 

Friday, July 18, 2008


I was going to review the Wanted movie but it sucked so instead I'll do a Wanted comic book review soon. This si the best part of the Wanted movie and you can enjoy it alot more alone. 

post-Dark Knight

Random thoughts I had while watching The Dark Knight

That movie was fucking awesome!

The Joker was hilarious and terrifying!

Two-Face was random and beautiful!

Commissioner Gordon was my hero!

And Batman had those wonderful toys!

Why are number two's always the best?

This movie was the good, 

the bad, 

and the ugly!

My favorite comic-book movie ever!

Most importantly Speed Racer just got knocked off. Sorry Speed. 

GO! Batman! GO!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

pre-dark Knight

I can't believe that tonight I finally get to see The Dark Knight. This is the movie that has really become the focus of the summer. It's insane to realize that next week you'll be able to watch Iron Man, The Hulk, Hellboy, and Batman films back to back plus you can also see Wanted(which I don't recommend, but it's based on comic). Is this the best nerd summer. I think so I can't remember enjoying so many movies. Iron Man, Hulk, and Hellboy have been great. I can't imagine the Dark Knight not being good.  

Enjoy this Joker VS. Joker Vid it's not as good as the Battle of the Batmans but it reminded me of my all time favorite Joker line.


"Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?"

Have you? Are you watching The Dark Knight at midnight?

Watchmen Trailer

There is a Watchmen trailer trying to steal Batman's thunder tonight.

I don't like that they call Zach Snyder a visionary director. I hated 300 and I think I'm going to like this less. The trailers song choice is horrible. Setting the film in 2009 is a bad move. The Nite- Owl stuff looks lame. Doc Manhattan looks really fake. The CGI looks really halfassed in this trailer. None of the costumes except for Rorscach work.  I'm not happy with this at all.  

I liked Batman Gotham Knight

In anticipation of The Dark Knight tonight. Here is my Gotham Knight review.

I am not an anime fan but i really enjoyed this batman. The stories were well constructed and fun. Kevin Conroy voices Batman and Bruce and shows once again why he is the best voice for Batman ever. Nothing ground breaking but solid Batman tales with emphasis on the way that different people see what they want to to in Batman, but I'm getting ahead of myself lets break it down. Usually I break it down to 6 reasons I enjoyed it. Since this film is six short stories I'm just going to review each part on it's own.

Batman Gotham Knight

"Have I Got A Story For You" - Great Story. It's kind of a classic Batman style to show how kids imagine Batman. I espeically enjoyed the Marvel version of Batman that is in an Ironman Suit and jumps around like the Hulk. 

"Crossfire" - Crispus Allen meets animation. I like him as the spectre in the comics and he works in this short with out the ghost. Montoya isn't in this instead we get some other female cop named Ramirez. The gotham crime families are on display and the way the cops view Batman is shown in a fresh way that helps build the movie universe up. 

"Field Test" - This was one of the better stories. It showed some neat tech. It's cool to see Batman decide that he has to be vulnerable to fight crime the way that's right. 

"In Darkness Dwells" - Anime Gotham Sewers are awesome. Killer Croc was pretty lame and was just a rampaging monster. Scarecrow sported a great outfit and the scythe he was tossing around were very slick. I like the pacing in the story but I wish they had done Killer Croc better.

"Working Through Pain" - I felt this story was the weakest of them all. It was confusing. I thought the guns in the garbage can was some metaphor and that Bruce was hallucinating in his pain but it wasn't so it felt kind of lame. The parts of Bruce remembering his training is kind of lame and not very captivating. 

"Deadshot" - Deadshot is truly the anti-Batman. The two are evenly matched despite Deadshot's heavy armaments.


The anime Deadshot is more weaselly than the justice league version and I wasn't very impressed with his costume design.


The train fight was pretty cool and had a very epic feel which I dug.

 The ending is perfect with Batman looking up into the Bat-Signal pondering his parents death.

Also it's interesting to see Bruce admire the beauty of a gun. 


What did you think of Batmanime?

6 reasons to love Hellboy 2: The Golden Army


6. Tooth Fairys- Del Toro makes the Tooth Fairy a vicious sadistic little horde of monsters. They are both cute and terrifying. The perfect openning baddies for Hellboy to squiah up and show mass carnage and feces. The little buggers steal the show.

5. Magic Robots - The Golden Army is basically magic robots. The only way they could be better is if they were zombie magic robots. 

4. Krauss - If you would've told me walking into this movie that Hellboy and Abe Sapien weren't going to be the weirdest looking hero? I would've told you, you were crazy. Krauss look supercool, he has a steam punk vibe, and a very Mr. Freeze looking suit. Krauss is voiced by Seth McFarlane of Family Guy fame. His performance is quite good and his scenes with Hellboy and crew are very memorable. He lightens the movie effectively. He also has a terrific visual which make me start theorizing about the smoke monster of Lost.

3. Love Story - Hellboy 2 means 2 love stories. Kind of reminded me of Back To The Future Part 3, Abe is totally Doc Brown in love. He's unsure how to make his fishy appearance studly. He is a fantastic drunk. Not only that but Hellboy and Abe give love to Barry The Manilow, one of my favorite singers. This part of the movie is for the girlfriends and in the screening i was in it was greeted with the appropriate awes of cuteness.

2. Baby - Hellboy fights a giant plant monster with a Baby in one hand and a big gun named Baby in the other.


1. Hellboy - Perlman owns the film. He plays a Hellboy as Charlie Brown meets Terminator. The audience really sympathizes for the big guy more than in the first movie as we see him now deal with humanity and there opinions. Points are even made about his inter-species relationship with Liz.  Hellboy always seems to be in the center of the screen and looking heroic. 

Speed Vs. Hellboy

Speed is still king. Hellboy had it's flaws. Make up wise I think this time the made Hellboy a little smaller than last film and it really sucks to see Hellboy with this thin torso and a giant head.