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Read Pile 1/30/08

Whenever I pick up my comics the first thing I do before reading them is organize them into the "Read Pile". The one on top being the one I am most interested and invested in the ones on the bottom usually being something i've never read before or don't have that much interest in and am stuck with.   1. ACTION COMICS #861- I am loving Geoff Johns run and arc with the legion of super heroes. The art is fantastic and the story thus far is top notch it will definitely be at the top of my read pile.   2. NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #2 - I love the New Avenger's line up especially cause spidey is on it, I hope this'll explain how this brand new day crap fits with this and new avengers history.   3. GREEN LANTERN #27 - Another Geoff Johns book what can I say the man is a genius.   4. COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 13 - Hope that superman prime finally gets his butt whooped.   5. JSA CLASSIFIED #34 - I love Hourman he's such a weird kind of dorky character

Arch Villainy the dead art

A hero is only as good as his villains. False. A villain is only as good as the hero he hates. True. Spider-man, and Batman have with out a doubt best super villians in all of comics.   I'd put a close second the Flash(i know some people don't like the Flash's rogues but i do they are unique and they al have a style and sense of community like no other in comics.)           , and in third Superman.   Why do these villains stand out? It's because a villain is defined and best highlighted by how much he hates the hero. There aren't really that many choice super villains who belong to one character. Less so in the Marvel universe.  The MU is very connected so good villains make their rounds from hero to hero.  Most of the b-list villains like Boomerang, Absorbing-man, Jack-O-Lantern,  Radioactive man, the U-Foes, etc. have their first appearances with certain heroes but end up fighting someone else and someone else and end up getting beaten up


Welcome one and all to my inaugural blog.  So... Let's get right into it shall we.  I'd like to talk about the most highly discussed move in comics. Spider-man's One More Day and Brand new day story arch's.  In One More Day, Spider-man makes a deal with Mephisto ( marvel's substitute for satan ) to save his aunt Mays life.  Why is this a terrible move? 1. He's the devil! You don't make deals with the devil.  Go ask Ghost rider how good his deal with Mephisto was. Do you really want a flaming skull Spidey ? 2. Aunt may is an old woman, she is going to die soon. In fact she's already died once and comeback.  3. Mephisto isn't even a staple of the Spider-man books, he is completely out of place next to Spiderman . Their colors run together. Now Peter Parker didn't sell his soul to Mephisto . He sold something more important his love for Mary Jane. He changes history so that Mary Jane and Peter Parker never got married. Effectively erasing