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Saturday Smodcast Share Time: Of Bryan Johnson

This week on Smodcast share time we will be looking at another pair of clips from the smodco cartoon show youtube vault. The star of these smod-toons is one of the stars of AMC's Comic Book Men. Bryan Johnson is a complex interesting hilarious fellow and his podcast Tell'Em Steve Dave is constantly hilarious. On Tell'em Steve Dave Bryan, Walt Flanagan(comic book artist, owner and operator of Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, and star of amc's comic book men), and Brian Quinn(star of impractical jokers). The title Tell'em Steve Dave comes from the catch phrase of Walt and Bryan's characters in the viewaskewniverse.

The second Bryan Johnson youtube clips are from his new youtube series, called Why Bry?

Burning Bush with Letterman

This week on Burning Bush an interview with George W Bush for the David Letterman show. The interview appears ot be during the 2000 election. At the 1:40 mark or so W starts makes a hilarious observation that due to the perception that he is unable to speak simply saying his name in a simple sentence has become a huge winning factor him. Ughh. Also Letterman asks George the hard questions about capital punishment, and as result George Bush proclaims capital punishment a serious business and his face at the moment with his mouth agape in thought he reitierates "it is a serious business". Bush at around 5:00 proclaims proudly "I don't know" when it comes to death penalty statistics. If only that could've been his campaign slogan "W: I Don't Know". Letterman also aks Bush about the Yemen situation during the debates at 6:56 into the video bush responds proudly stating "If I found out who it was. They'd pay a serious price." and the…

Tuesday Tunes--My Top 25 Bands: 25. Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree

SCORES (Out of 25):
-Overall Positive Output: 1
-Overall Enjoyment: 1
-Good v. Bad Output: 7
-Popular Appeal: 6
-Best Album: 4
-Mixtape Factor: 6

So it shouldn't be too hard to figure out from our first little scorecard up there that the scores have an inverse relationship with the band/artist's ranking in that category--i.e. a score of 25 means the band/artist was ranked #1 in that category. So the scores for the band at the very bottom of the list shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Porcupine Tree is probably the most recent addition to the list and probably the least likely to keep its spot but for the moment, this band has really been rocking my world. I actually discovered them on a Tool message board because there was a discussion about whether Tool is this generation's Pink Floyd and someone said "No. Porcupine Tree is this generation's Pink Floyd." This actually is a pretty apt description. Very progressive stuff but also blends a…

Saturday Smodcast Share Time: Dropping a Deuce

As before here are not one but two choice Smodco Cartoon Show excerpts. The first is a last hurrah of our long gone holiday season with Kevin and Scott poking jest at Bing Crosby.

In this second smod -toon Kevin recounts his first encounter with an adult film, and then gloriously animates his first time making sweet love. Smod-toons can also be found on netlfix titled Kevin Smith: Smodimations.

Burning Bush

I love some good old fashioned Bush hypocrisy.

Also some seriously fantastic Bush speech moments.

Tuesday Tunes--My Top 25 Bands (featuring THE FORMULA): Introduction/Marilyn Manson

I suppose, if nothing else, this blog is, for all of us, a den of nerd--a vessel with which to share our deepest, most passionately nerdgasmic excitement over (mostly) relatively benign minutiae.  I felt it was my duty, therefore, to share with the world one of my most basic foundations of my nerdiness--my love of music.  Specifically, my Top 25 Bands of All Time.  You'll notice I'm not referring to them as my "favorite" bands because this list is about a little bit more than just what I enjoy listening to.  I've made dozens of lists of my favorite bands or "top" bands but I never felt satisfied with any list based merely on my gut and so I decided to devise a formula (as nerds are oft prone to do) that factored in everything I wanted this particular list to be all about.

What I basically did was I took a list of 25 bands and artists (with one thrown in to reflect something I'm currently listening to a LOT of which has the potential for a spot on …


I spend a great deal of my life thinking about fictional heroes, however when I truly need inspiration I look to my real life heroes like Kurt Russell, Quentin Tarantino, John Carpenter, Kevin Smith, Guillermo Del Toro, Richard Linklater, Spielberg, George Lucas, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick, Scorsese, Scott Bakula, Brian K Vaughan, Alan Moore, Peter Jackson, The Broken Lizard crew, Bob Gale, Coen Bros, Wachowski Bros, Mario Bros, Robert Zemeckis, Bruce Timm, Geoff Johns, Timothy Zahn, Max Brooks, Paul Dini, Sergio Leone, etc.

and of course 


For as long as I care to remember I've been a fan of Robert Rodriguez. I remember my parents watching his first film El Mariachi on the living room TV and getting shooed away cause it was too violent for my young eyes.  The irony is I walked into my room and put on a tape of Total Recall to see triple boobs, mutant faces, and bloody arm dismemberment. I remember hearing my parents discuss t…

Smodcat Saturday Share Time

For the past three months I have been suckling at the podcast teet of Kevin Smith's Smodcast Internet Pocast network. I enjoy the flagship Smodcast show which is  usually Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. Kevin Smith is of course the writer/director of the horror film Red State, and the man behind one my favorite film universes, the Viewaskewniverse. Scott his long time producer on films like Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,Clerks and Clerks 2. Scott's also a write in his own right having penned a some Ultimate Spider-man cartoons on Disney XD.
On Smodcast Kev and Scott talk about their scrotal and anal health Star Wars, Kev's high school production of Grease, Aquaman's life, basically anything pop culture, and anything remotely interesting. Usually turning it all into a bunch of blowjob and sex jokes. Naughty words abound and the material is extremely adult. I love it. As Kev would say His aural makes my ear pussy orgasm like crazy. The fi…

Burning Bush

Forgot about this Burning Bush blog I wanted to do as a recurring. We will instead pay our reverence to our former President in this year of our lord 2013. Bush in his days before the presidency showing the humanizing class that only Marshall Mathers has duplicated.


Joy of joys! My IMAX 3d screening of the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey had the first 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness. For context as to how biased I am towards this series. I saw the first Abrams Star Trek film in theatres not once, not twice, but eleven separate times. I was blown away by the film each lens flare was glorious and poignant. The performances are vibrant, raw, and every character gets a moment in the sun. It was a lot of setup but also a lot of classic memorable moments too.

This movie starts off softly as we see a couple male and female in future London. They wake up, do their morning routine and go off to visit their ill daughter. At the hospital where she is being treated,  Bennedict Cumberbatch's character walks over and tells them he can help them, ominously.

 Cut to an alien world and field of red plants, and two hooded figures run out of the jungle like Jack Sparrow or Indiana Jones, chased by white tribal looking aliens. The people in hoods are Kirk an…


BATMAN FALSE FACES is a collection of DC comics stories all written by Brian K Vaughan.

Brian K Vaughan is famous for working on three seasons of one of my all time favorite shows,  Lost and also more importantly for writing on one of my favorite comic book series of all time Y THE LAST MAN

Brian K Vaughan introduces Batman False Faces himself and sets up the context of the book and the many stories it pulls from. All the stories are gloriously self contained so they don't really need to fit into any certain continuity. I assume Vaughan does this so that they are, as Batman should be, easily accessible to all audiences. There are four stories in the collection of varying lengths. Three of the four are pulled from issues of Batman he did, and the other story is a two parter from a Wonder Woman run that happens to star a Batman villain. All four stories play with the themes of identity and metamorphoses as the title False Faces hints at. This article will review the middle story, …