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thE rEAd PILE - 4/2/08

What a week. #1 KICK ASS #2- I handed issue 1 to my brothers, and my cousin. Their question every time they see me is "when do you get Kick Ass 2?". I have to read this one first because they're going to want to borrow it ASAP. #2 ACTION COMICS #863- This is probably going to go down as my favorite Legion of Superheroes story ever. #3 TWELVE #4- The last issue slowed down the pace a little. This issue has the Laughing Mask on the cover. Is it just me or does Laughing Mask thus far, feel like The Comedian in Watchmen? #4 YOUNG X-MEN #1- Like I've said before , this comic has been eagerly awaited as it will determine what's going on with my favorite New X-men. Expect a review and a New X-men history lesson in the coming week. #5 TRIALS OF SHAZAM #12(OF 12)- This series has had its up and downs, on the whole I'd say it's pretty average. Although it plays with some interesting ideas. This last issue looks pretty good, and hopef

Chorus of Comics part 2. I hear voices

For those of you that missed part 1 . When I read comics, I like to distinguish characters voices. Some character's voices, are played by actors whose voices I've simply heard to much of. For example, although it's not a terribly inspired choice Ian Mckellen is the voice of Magneto in my comics. Hundreds of hours of watching the Lord of the Rings have given me a pretty good Ian Mckellen impresion. So I'm proud to say he not only plays Magneto but Sir Reginald Hargreeves AKA: The Monocle(from the Umbrella Academy ), The Wizard Mordru, and The Wizard Shazam(Sorry but he is always going to sound like a wizard to me). Similarly, thousands of hours of watching Star Trek have given me a superb Patrick Stewart impression. Which I use often for Captain Picard and Professor X, of course. Along with Doctor Gotham(foe of the Shadowpact), and The Phantom Stranger. Also both Mr. Stewart and McKellen make terrific Guardians o

Links for Spoiled Brats

The Marvel PR machine has given the first ten pages of Secret Invasion to Entertainment Weekly. So if you want to read'em click here. It doesn't have any real spoilers. They also have an interview with Bendis here. Proceed at your own risk, he says spoilery stuff on page 2 about Nick Fury.

Booster Gold is New Reader Friendly

Rich  said this in his last blog post.  " Booster Gold #7  - No real surprises this time round but nicely crafted stuff with lots of nods to continuity - although I do wonder if that very thing doesn't make it a bit of a niche book that basically appeals only to fanboys (and girls). " Rokk  also felt that Booster Gold #5 wasn't accessible to new readers.  Which makes me wonder do you think Booster Gold is a niche book that only appeals to fanboys ?  I would argue, no. I feel quite the opposite. I think Booster Gold, has been a book that can introduce new readers to DC history. Johns and Katz are skilled in giving exposition and have all the tools necessary to explain it to the readers with out it feeling forced. They have often teamed up Booster with people not in the know of that is going on Jaime Reyes, Jonah Hex, and Dan Garrett to cite a few. They also have Skeets who usually explains everything to Booster anyway.   The following pages are

The Read Pile - 3/26/08

Ooh yeah, this read pile I found the opportunity to put up two pictures of Ravager...I know your jealous. #1 BLUE BEETLE #25 - This is the best comic ever and the JLI is going to be here. Nerdgasms are sure to fill the blogosphere. #2 TEEN TITANS #57 - Since my stack sucked last week I start rereading Teen Titans since one year later. It is better than I remember it. Especially the bits with Ravager who I have developed a nerd crush on. So I am very hyped about this Ravager focused issue. This is the cover on DC, which is actually from a page in Teen Titans #39. This is the cover on McKeever's blog , probably the official one. #3 NEW AVENGERS #39 - Echo, I still have no idea who the fuck she is. Can someone tell me. Does she have a power? I'm to lazy to wiki her. #4 MIGHTY AVENGERS #11 - Not sure what to expect from this issue, but it has steadily improved. #5 GREEN LANTERN #29 - If Geoff Johns says it's time to

Best of the B-list

Marvel's creators and editors are weighing in on there favorite b-listers . So I thought I'd weigh in since I once proclaimed my love for the b-list . Marvel Luke Cage - My love for Luke comes from Bendis's treatment of him. He has a unique origin, wrongfully imprisoned than experimented on granting him unbreakable skin. His power makes him formidable against any one. He strikes me as the everyman of the Marvel Universe. Cyclops - Okay, Cyclops is the leader of the X-men and really isn't a b-lister. However he is treated like one outside of comics. He is always playing second fiddle to Wolverine currently. The new Wolverine and the X-men cartoon is the perfect example. Wolverine isn't a leader he's the wild card but because of his popularity the character that was created to lead the x-men gets relegated to the b-list. His treatment in the x-men movies is less than b-list, especially considering how pivotal he is to Jean Grey. Why is Cyclops's c

Y the last reader

I got the first three Volumes of Y: The Last Man yesterday afternoon. I finished them at midnight. Holy crap is it good. I just ordered volumes 4-7 from amazon. Unfortunately I have to wait till mnday to read them. I am so glad I picked this book up. It is so well handled and all the dialogue is perfect. I enjoy this book at its base level to hear Yorick talk which is really impressive for a comic book. I think it was an episode of the stack that some one asked what would put reading comicbooks in the main stream, and someone responded let Oprah put a comic in her book club pick. Well this is the comic to hand to Oprah. Is Ex-Machina this good? If it is I'm going to have to pick it up when I finish reading Y. I've been reading abot New Line trying turn it into a movie and I really like Shia Lebeouf as Yorick but cinema is really the wrong medium for this. I'd much rather see this as an HBO series.

the read PILE - 3/19/08

I'm on spring break with plenty of time to read comics and this abysmal week should happen. #1 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #11 - Ultraman and Superman teaming up!! Am I living in the second silver age? #2 IMMORTAL IRON FIST #13 - A battle royale is promised in this issue. I am pretty hyped. #3 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 6 - Karate Kid is dead. Damn those Cobra Kai. #4 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #19 - I'm not all that excited for the actual content, but this is a bad ass cover. #5 SHADOWPACT #23 - I'm pissed that Nightmaster isn't on the squad anymore. This issue sounds cool. The team is supposed to meet the future shadowpact. All I want from this book is a Bluedevil and Ragman spotlight. Is it just me? #6 DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #7 (OF 8) - So the reveal of the badguy was pretty cool. Orion's death was also cool. Why does this book stink? #7 TANGENT SUPERMAN'S REIGN #1 (OF 12) - I never read the original tangent books. I'm giving th

Crazy Idea

I've been thinking about Shelly's post about females in the DCU . It got me thinking about females in comics in general. Then I thought about Kick Ass and the way heroes are handled in the first issue of that book. All of a sudden a chauvinistic thought popped into my head. Would women even really be super heroes? The way the Kick Ass comic portrays people becoming super heroes it seems on par with serial killers. So let us for the sake of conversation assume that we can do hero profiling. To become a hero you would need a tragedy early in life, perhaps crime related. You would need a certain amount of psychosis and the need for adoration. If we go by the numbers on heroes in comics you would most likely be a white male between the ages of 16-40. If we take this as fact than the female super heroes like female serial killers would obviously not be as prominent or as widespread. I can't think of anything else. If anyone would like to elaborate on this feel

I Hath been Tagged!

My boy Nick over at Comic Overload hath tagged me. So here's my best shot. "List 7 random things about yourself that people may not know.Link the person who sent this to you, and leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours. Post the rules on your blog." 1. One of my favorite movies is Con Air. 2. I hate Tom Brady. I once had a drem he punched my mom in the face. 3. I've realized I tend to like comics about people becoming couples. Like Teen Titans, New X-men, Green Arrow Black Canary, and X-statix 4. First comic I can remember was a Pirates of Dark Water comic. 5. When I was a kid I had every single TMNT action figure. 6. I love watching the world's strongest man competition on the ESPN's. 7. I want to learn how to throw ninja stars and knives. I shall tag two guys who ain't blogged in a while. Get back to work Patrick and Ryan

the read pile - 3/12/08

#1 GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #6 - Connor's been abducted! My money is that the League of Assasins and Ra's al Ghul is behind it. #2 BOOSTER GOLD #7 - Why can't they change the title of this book to "Blue and Gold" or "Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Team Up". I just want to sleep easy, that Ted Kord will never die again. #3 MIGHTY AVENGERS #10 - I love time travel.   #4 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 7 - I hope something happens this issue. #5 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #22 - Second part of the Boodika story. I'm into it...mildly. #6 LONE RANGER AND TONTO #1 - This issue is new reader friendly, so if you're not reading Lone Ranger give this a try. #7 COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY #6 (OF 8) - Wonder how this book is gonna play out since Steve Gerber has passed away, hope it goes well.  #8 TINY TITANS #2 - I've moved this one up in the pile in case CONTDOWN TO MYSTERY is depressing and I need a laugh. #9 LAST DEFENDERS #1(OF 6) - I've never actually read any issue

X-men Theatre

The cancellation of New X-men and the announcement of Young X-men debuting in April has had me rereading the New X-men. As I'm going through my X-men immersion and gathering my thoughts on the franchises past and future, I have found a couple of X-men videos that slipped totally under my radar, until now. I suggest grabbing a bowl of pop corn and dimming the lights a little, for you are now, in my youtube theatre. First things first, the previews. The future of animated X-men.  Wow! What an awesome trailer. The story and concept seem to be at the forefront of this story.  Which is a sign of good things. "Your son's a mutant" and the music blares.  The music is perfect and gives the video an unprecedented cool factor. I'm really looking forward to this cartoon. I assume it is coming out around the same time as Wolverine: Origins. So I await anxiously.  Before our feature presentation, may I remind everyone that this saturday the new Spec

the READ pile - 03/05/08

For some reason my comic shop isn't listing a shipment of Secret Invasion Saga, or New Frontier Special. So I'll add them to the read pile next week. Don't you dare spoil those for me internets. #1 DYNAMO 5 #11- This is one of my favorite titles. It has a silver age feel and lots of action. Jay Faerber is a genius. #2 TWELVE #3 (OF 12)- Awesome book. If you need someone to explain to you why it's great,  may i direct you here. #3 ALL NEW ATOM #21- New writer for the series. I hope he can keep this title on track. #4 GREEN LANTERN #28- A startling revelation about the blackest night is promised in the solicitation.  #5 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 8- Jimmy and Darkseid are suppose to get into fisticuffs. I bet Mike is hyped. #6 JONAH HEX #29- It looks like Jonah is going to fight a giant scorpion. So obviously I'm excited. #7 COUNTDOWN TO ADVENTURE #7 (OF 8)- I forgot what happened last issue.  #8 NEW DYNAMIX #1 (OF 5)- One of my favorite comics ever is X-Statix.

Relevant Issues

In the past couple of weeks, I've come across quite a few first issues. So I thought now, would be a good time to let you all know what I think. Dr. Who #1 - I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who and I still enjoyed this comic. It did a pretty good job of introducing me to the world and rules of the Doctor Who universe. I never felt lost a si was reading this. The story itself was self contained and pretty decent. Will I pick up issue 2? I don't think so. If it comes out on a light week, when I'm only picking six or sev en comics, I might grab it. All in all I wasn't blown away by the Dr. Who concept and character. I'm an American. I'll read Star Trek  Zorro #1- I picked this book up because I love Dynamite's take on the Lone Ranger. Everything that made that comic engaging, fun, and cool is not present here. Zorro is the complete antithesis of Lone Ranger in story style and execution. Lone Ranger is told in real time the origin unfolding naturally throu