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STHD: Sonic the Hedgehog the MOVIE

Welcome back  to this very special Valentines day episode of Sonic The Hedgehog Discussions aka STHD. Today's episode will be focusing on the long awaited delayed Paramount Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Sit down relax grab a chili dog  and enjoy as we speed run this movie and discuss.Come check me out on here on my YoutubeTwitterIGFollow Natnicki here on her TwitterYoutubeArt

The First Stranger Things 4 Teaser Just Dropped with a HUGE Reveal

Oh hi there

The Good Place and Theology

Irreverend D-Rock, Master of Divinity introduces a new series on the theology of NBC’s The Good Place with a reflection on the series finale and a retrospective on the hopeful vision of the series.

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