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Top Ten Superhero Flicks

Over at Comics Fairplay a challenge has been issued to commit your top ten best super hero movies. I'm pretty sure I might have to revise this list at the end of the summer but here goes. 10. The Crow - I never have read the comic so I don't know how good of an adaptation it is but I love this flick. I listened to the soundtrack non-stop when it came out. The story is perfect and the morals and actions in the film always made an impression on me. Best scene in the movie is the first revenge scene with the pawn shop order. Lee was a pretty darn good actor I regret he didn't have a chance to make more films. 9. Daredevil - Affleck was the bomb in phantoms yo. He's alss pretty good in this. The casting except for Elektra and Kingpin is perfect. I don't have beef with the black Kingpin I like their logic in going with Michael Clark Duncan as the best big man out there, but whatever I like my Kingpin to be a little bit of a tycoon and less of a hood. The story is solid

Weekend Watcher

What super awesome weekend I'm going to have.  Tonight I get to see the Strangers which looks super awesome. I never get scared during movies I think that this movie might actually get to me. Tommorow night Kimbo Slice my very own hometown street fighting legend gets to kick some ass on cbs. And on sunday night...the third season of the Venture Bros. comes out. OH YEAH!!! Here is a clipped they leaked to wet your appetite. By the way Rich has some fantastic posts on Lost . So if you're a lost fan like me check'em out. I got a bunch of Lost theories that I think I'm going to post once I re-watch this season. Go Team Venture!!!

Interpreting Y-the Last Man part 2

The inspiration for the last post incase you didn't figure it out was actually the way Jules explains the Ringo Honey Bunny situation in Pulp Fiction. Y is also as fond of Pulp Fiction as I am as you can see. So where was I, STAR WARS! Why Star Wars for interpreting Y? If you look at the Matrix that is layed out with elements and story beats from all the faiths and philosophies of the world, it is easy to draw parallels and give a work of fiction emotional weight based on the strengths of other writings. Not only does it add weight but depth. So basically whenever I see a young writer try to tell a scifi coming of age story I have to draw as many parallels as possible from Star Wars. As I deduced last post, the Boba Fett of the story wielding the force is simply not a satisfactory ending. Hero does not deserve love, maybe it's because I read the series in a short span of time and not five years, the wounds of her first betrayal and murder still run deep for me. Another beef I h

6 reasons to accept Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

So I saw the new Indy flick, twice. I had to watch it twice. Not because I loved it the first time but because I didn't love it the first time. I now like the movie after seeing it the second time and proudly accept into the Indiana Jones mythos. I must say that I liked the movie however there are still problems I have with it. 6. Aliens - I like the idea that Indiana Jones can star in any movie a sci-fi flick, an adventure flick, a ww2 flick, etc. So aliens don't really bother me but if you're going to do aliens and Indian Jones you should really go balls out. I expected the third act of this movie to be Indiana Jones versus Aliens or at the very least Indiana Jones against people with superpowers. I mean how cool would it have been to see Indy dodging laser gun blasts, or bullwhipping a giant rancor pitt monster, or even grabbing a lightsaber off the body of a dead ewok.  5. Action Set pieces - All the action was top notch. It was fun, exciting, and original. The big figh

the read pile - 5/29/08

Final Crisis is here!!! And due to memorial day doesn't come out till Thursday. #1 FINAL CRISIS #1(OF 7) - I am so hyped for this it's not even funny. Every bit of advertisement and previews have been perfect. #2 BLUE BEETLE #27 - Jaime and Traci sitting in tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! #3 GREEN LANTERN #31 - Everyone should be reading this. #4 NEW AVENGERS #41 - I like what happened last week in Mighty Avengers talking about the Sentry. Hopefully we'll see some New Avengers and not just more stupid skrulls. #5 TEEN TITANS #59 - This arch isn't bad but it feels like it's moving so slowly. #6 SHADOWPACT #25 - Usually Shadowpact covers suck. This one however is the best the book has ever produced. Why is Blue Devil there? He lost his powers? I think I'm the only blogger that reads this book. #7 IMMORTAL IRON FIST #15 - Let's get to know an old school Iron fist. I want to see a cowboy Iron Fist. I wish marvel would take requests. #8 BATMAN #677 R.I.P. - I liked the first

erislaughs and stephen watches: chapter 1

I'ma big fan of erislaughs over on the youtube. If you are not familiar with her than here is erislaughs introduction of herself. Why do I like erislaughs? Because she likes comics, duh. Plus, she ends every vlog with a kiss. She is that elusive unicorn all nerds have heard the myth of, the beautiful girl that actually likes and reads comics (no offense is meant to my fellow female bloggers shelly , sallyp , redheadfangirl , Heidi Meeeley , and brainfreeze . I treasure your viewpoints but it's rare to find girl nerds in my age range). She's a marvel fan, so I can't go totally head over heals for her. None the less I watch all of her youtube vids when they're released. So I've decided to put my erislaughs fandom on display for the entire internets to see. When ever she posts a new vid so shall I encapsulate it in my blog and dissect her reviews alittle. So let us enjoy the wonder of the nerd unicorn herself, erislaughs, gentlemen our feature presentation. My

All New Atom #23: Remender's got Nards

If you don't understand the title then you've never seen the cult classic The Monster Squad . Click the vid and get caught up.   So no one has talked about the All New Atom from a couple of weeks ago or Remender. Am I the only person who is still on this title? It's a pretty wild issue and I think he might've finally won me over but he has to tread carefully. He won me over not for character work like Gail did it's for a zany plot. It's a little dark for this Atom than were used to but it's zany. Spoilers ahoy mates! If you haven't read it and plan on reading it turn back now. All New Atom #23 So Ryan has been sucked into the giant monster which is actually an organism or parasite or something that has infected his body. There's alot of techno babble I don't really understand. Eitherway he's stuck in some type of microverse that is all trippy and weird and filled with giant monsters. Ryan is in  a pretty cool bio-s

Hell's Yeah!!!!!

OMFG! This is the most supercool news like ever . I have never been so hyped just from a strange quirky concept idea. I mean Ollie Queen, who if I had a time machine would be played by a young Kurt Russell, in jail with DC supervillains is bad ass in a million ways. SUPERMAX!!! Who will play the Joker, Ledger's dead? Could I see James Franco or Sam Rockwell ? Also can the main villain be Captain Nazi played by Daniel Craig or Neil Patrick Harris or even better Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson played by Ron Perlman or Clint Eastwood and Luthor played by Clancy Brown or Micheal Rosenbaum ? Could this be the greatest movie ever. As good as Con-Air!!!

the read pile -5/21/08

Good sized week, little bit of the usual and some new stuff. #1 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #21 - I am very hyped about Final Crisis the sketchbook was really cool and I love all the design work so far. #2 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #15 - There's supposed to be a big throw down in this issue. So it's time to to see what Alan Scott has up his sleeve. #3 DYNAMO 5 #13 - This might be the most consistently good comic I read I have to turn this comic onto other people. #4 X-MEN DIVIDED WE STAND #2 (OF 2) - A chance to see what Noriko is doing, i'm excited. #5 DC WILDSTORM DREAMWAR #2(OF 6) - Last issue was a bit of, meh. This issue better have some plot developing. #6 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #13 - Batman and Jay Garrick teaming up doesn't light the world on fire for me. #7 MIGHTY AVENGERS #14 - I don't like these skrull covers anymore. I want the cover of a comic to reflect the story inside. #8 COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY #8(OF 8) - This s