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An Exceedingly In-Depth Analysis of the First 11 Minutes of the January 19th South Carolina Republican Presidential Debate

written by -The first montage is a CNN montage of all the momentous occasions of CNN reporters announcing winners of presidential elections.  They sure know how to declare winners of stuff at CNN.  Except that whole thing in 2000.  Perhaps predictably, the clip in the montage they played to represent their work in the 2000 election shows a report saying “Too close to call in Florida.”  Well, what do you expect?  They’re not very well going to play the clip of them declaring Al Gore the winner now are they?

Let's discuss those nominations, you know those things, the Oscars? Yeah, those.

So...I had nothing to write about or I did but it 's much too time consuming right now seeing as how I have about a MILLION things to do today, However the nominations just came out and so I am going to put in my two cents, in red of course. Without further ado.

Burning Bush

written by It seems somedays like this nation and this country has nothing but financial and social trouble, sometimes so much so  that it seems totally insurmountable. On days like this I need to laugh and I want you to laugh. So please submit you're favorite George W. Bush moments for a new running segment I dub          BURNING BUSH! This clip I found on a fluke and I think it speaks for itself. It's only 8 seconds long which is technically the speed of light if you use comic book logic. So in the speed of light George W. Bush unfurled this quoterrificness.

The Soapbox: SOPA and internet freedom.

written by I want to try to make this a short piece, because lord knows how much I can delve in to this subject and idea of freedom, constitutional rights, the state of the United States today, and free speech. You know when you feel like that person yelling very loudly and waving your hands back and forth to warn that danger is approaching as everyone just sort of enjoys the party? They are having too much fun of course, or are too preoccupied with their own small drama to pay attention to the real tragedy coming. This is how I feel about what's been happening in the United States every year since I became an adult. Maybe you can say that is because I am more aware, and it is true, I am more politically up to date than I was in high school, but I was no oblivious teenager, I was very aware that there were things wrong in the world and they need repair. How could  I have imagined though, how far and how fast this country that my parents came to when I was a child for better oppor

Top 11 of 2011 or 'How-I-stopped-worrying-and-learned-to-make-more-lists' Part 3

written by Good evening people, I just woke from a zombie like sleep and decided it was time to blog. This is part 3 of my series where I countdown my 'Top 11 of 2011'. This top eleven will be my best movies of last year. A lot of good movies came out last year actually, I was very impressed, lets see if I remember them all. Once again this is in no particular order, I just went with my ooh factor on these. 1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - David Fincher - I had seen the Swedish version and fallen in love with Noomi Rapace but there was something so magnetizing about Rooney Mara that in some ways I prefer her performance, or perhaps it's just more fresh in my mind. Frankly, I think Rooney should spend the rest of her life with five piercings in her face and black hair. David Fincher and Trent Reznor's score really capture the under tone of unsettling darkness that this story has, the idea that there is something twisted about humanity and Lisbeth can see through

Fight for Your Right!

written by Big news Craigslist needs your help. The site that helped build the internet and has helped countless people connect and trade pictures of their genitalia back and forth for years. As well as offering invaluable community service that allows people to organize, vent their opinion, buy, sell, trade, find even the rarest items, find homes and apartments, soulmates and one night stands,  and an infinite supply of pictures of penises.Now needs your help to oppose unfair bills that will pass in congress and negatively harm everyones internet freedoms. " Congress needs to hear from you, or these dangerous bills will pass - they have tremendous lobbying dollars behind them, from large corporations reportedly hoping to prop up outdated, anti-consumer business models at the expense of the very fabric of the Internet -- recklessly unleashing a tsunami of take-down notices and litigation, and a Pandora's jar of "chilling effects" and other unintended (or

Interview with Derrick Mustelier on NBCMiami

Written by  Interview with Derrick about arrest and Occupy Protests. GREAT interview, GREAT video. Derrick looks more handsome than he ever has, he has a face for TV. Look at those dimples!! written interview. 

still spinning

the world is still spinning

The Huffington Post and other writers covering Derrick's Arrest

written by Derrick is home safe and sleeping after a long night and day under arrest without food and water. He celebrated his freedoms with lots of hugs and a delicious breakfast with his family, he is currently enjoying some well deserved sleep and was unable to attend his classes today although he has emailed his proffesors as far as I know. On a personal note, Once a year on campus Radical Christians come down and tell us the students that we are all going to hell and that we are "heathens", "whores", and "faggots". This is one of the nicer Christian's who I found footage of. Since at least 1995 Christian's have been doing this for at least one day of the year on campus.How is it my peaceful unitarian universalist friend is more of a disruption to education than people saying mean spirited hateful things that are not aimed at large faceless corporations but kids in their teens and twenties. I am attempting to compile all the youtube vid

***BREAKING NEWS*** Updates to follow.

written by Fellow blog contributor Derrick Mustelier was just arrested for organizing a musical festival protest on FIU campus, the protest took place in a public forum for free speech yet FIU police said that they did not have a music permit and must disperse, before they were given the opportunity to get the message to leave out, people were carted away at random. Video of Derrick being arrested here(he is the one in the yellow shirt being led away)   Derrick's arrest and confrontation with the FIU police. Another passerby was wrong fully arrested when he expressed that the arrests were "bullshit" he was immediately handcuffed(as witnessed by my friend at the scene) and carted away with out being told what he was being arrested for. Man being arrest for expression himself. According to Occupy Miami, they had made attempts to obtain a permit and were told that one was not needed because the area where they were staging the demonstration because it was a "f

Occupy FIU arrests

Derrick Mustelier being arrested with no provocation. You can also see all the other demonstrators who were arrested, seven in all. They are being called the FIU seven. Please read previous post. Derrick was sent downtown to be processed we are still awaiting his release.   If anyone finds more footage or links we would greatly appreciate them in the comments. Another reaction.

Nick Saban v. Les Miles -or- The Absolutely Inexplicable Decision to Leave Jordan Jefferson In the BCS Championship Game

by Derrick Mustelier Anyone out there who has ever wanted to see what it looks like when one football coach completely and utterly outcoaches another, I hope you were paying attention during the 2012 BCS National Championship Game because THAT is what it looks like.  Les Miles got thoroughly pantsed and there were no defensive touchdowns or Honey Badger Heisman Moments (and nowhere near enough missed field goals) to cover it up this time.  Your 2011 AP National Coach of the Year, ladies and gentlemen... The fundamental problem of this game for LSU was that both teams came in with basically the same gameplan on defense--key in on the running game and dare the other team to throw the ball.  The problem for LSU is that A.J. McCarron can throw the ball and Jordan Jefferson can’t.  The bigger problem for LSU was that Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide out-prepared them. In the first game between these two team in Tuscaloosa, Jarrett Lee had been riding a wave of momentum, seizing the st

Fight for your right!

by Stephen Escudero My aim with the Fight for your Right! segment is to shine a spotlight on petitions or protests that I feel are of merit and important to get behind. People spend alot of time on the interent being totally unproductive. In less than  twenty minutes(giving that you watch the entire video and type in your information slower than my grandma on a pharmacy blood pressure machine) you can learn and choose to sign or not sign a petition on an important issue. We elect these people and pay their salaries the least we can do is boss them around a little. It's our government to run. This Petition is called the Saving American Democracy Amendment . Sorry it has such a pompousy sounding name but that is in fact what it is aiming to do. Watch the video at least for a two to three minutes to get a gist for the amendments aims and decide whether it is worthy or not. People's biggest fear in signing online petitions is usually safety, this website is the dot-gov so it is


By Stephen Escudero COMING SOON will be my news roundup on films in pre-production I am interested in. I will try to link as much as possible to my sources and the names and faces I am speaking of.                 According to Disney is in the process of developing a film based on the popular Disneyland ride The Matterhorn . The film just landed director Brian Beletic. I remember on the show Entourage, in either the third or second season, Vinny Chase was in talks to star in a movie called Matterhorn that was set in a theme park if i'm not mistaken. Here's hoping Vinny Chase is still involved, however with out Ari Gold still representing him things could be murky.  Mark Wahlberg  Entourage producer is working on two sequels to the award winning boxing film ' the Fighter'   the planned sequels would explore other major fights in Ward's career. Poor Christian Bale is going to have to lose weight again that can't be too great for his body

Top 11 of 2011 or 'How-I-stopped-worrying-and-learned-to-make-more-lists' Part 2

Second part, top 11 singles of 2011. This is going to be simultaneously easier and yet more difficult for me because there is way more choice, but you are also going to despise my mainstream poppy choices. Don't worry, Derrick likes bands that only play in dark rooms for a crowd of seven. Besides, I think the main point of a single is to be something fun and addictive, something you can dance to, sing to, and then in a month when you are sick of it, you discover the rest of the album. 1. Party Rock Anthem- LMFAO - The song you now love to hate, is the song that makes me happy. I will dance to this until I pass out on the floor because 1.I love this song 2.I am out of shape.  2. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People- Did you know? ALL THE OTHER KIDS WITH THE PUMPED UP KICKS BETTER RUN, BETTER RUN, OUTRUN MY GUN! *twitch* Too catchy, toooooo catchy. It's evil. But I loved it. This song was for people in 2011 what 'Bird is the Word' was to Peter in 'Family Guy' wh

And the Nominees are...

written by Stephen Escudero Award season is about to stir up and the Producers Guild has announced nominees for 2011.The list gives us a pretty clear ideas which movies struck a chord this year and which didn't. I will highlight our personal favorites in deifferent colors. Stephen     Danielle      Derrick The following is the presse realease send out by the Producers Guild of America LOS ANGELES, CA (January 3, 2012) – The Producers Guild of America (PGA) announced today the motion picture and long-form television nominations for the 23rd Annual Producers Guild Awards. The categories include: The Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures; The Producers Guild of America Producer of the Year Award in Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures; and The David L. Wolper Producer of the Year Award in Long-Form Television. The documentary film category and other television category nominations were already announced by the Guild in December 2011. All 2012 P

Top 11 of 2011 or 'How-I-stopped-worrying-and-learned-to-make-more-lists' part 1 of 3

This is my first blog post for The Vundablog, and I could introduce myself...but I'd rather just write about stuff I like. Both of my blog partners love lists, I think one is obsessed with them. It might seem a little Rain Man, but I see the appeal. Lists give a semblance of order in an otherwise chaotic existence, they give us hope for a new day, an opportunity to reach our goals, collect our thoughts, and help us find what is truly important.  And what could be more important than what kind of movie and music taste you have? (She said in a facetious tone.)As a professional nerd, I cannot lie that the movies, books, music, and TV are a way I relate to people. I speak in quotes, I live pop culture, and I enjoy picking it apart. If I can't talk to someone about say, the fundamental constructs in the political spectrum of Star Trek, I can still talk to them of course, but I won't lie that my opinion of them diminishes slightly. I can be a snob, self admitted, but I prefer