Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting to Know Your 1%: Aylwin Lewis

We've all heard of the Kochs and the Murdochs, the Buffetts and the Jobses, the Aileses and Gateses...but do we really KNOW our 1%?  In this recurring series, I'll be taking a look at some of the no-names in the corporate community and their connections and power within the community.

Aylwin Lewis

Aylwin Lewis sits on the Boards of Directors of both Halliburton and the Walt Disney Corporation (making sure all those magical movies and cartoons are promoting the military-industrial complex like they should--in addition to all the programming on the ABC/ESPN and A&E families of networks) and is formerly the interim Chief Executive Officer and President of Sears Holdings Corporation and currently the CEO of Potbelly Sandwich Works.
Sears Holdings was created in connection with the merger of Kmart and Sears, which was completed on March 24, 2005. Lewis joined Kmart as President and Chief Executive Officer on October 18, 2004 from Yum! Brands, where he was President, Chief Multi-Branding and Operating Officer.[1]
Just to confirm, yes, I said "Chief Multi-Branding...Officer" just now.  "What the hell is that?" some of you might ask--and with good reason.  
See, Yum! Brands is the world's largest fast food restaurant corporation which owns Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers, and WingStreet--a total of nearly 38,000 locations in over 110 countries and territories.  Therefore, someone obviously needs to be in charge of marketing the same shitty food products in a myriad of different ways, under a variety of different brands (the illusion of choice that modern day monopoly-capitalism presents us with).  Hence the Chief Multi-Branding Officer.
On the bright side, he does happen to be a small business owner as well as being part of the 3-4% of Board of Directors members who is black[2]--so it's a pretty good bet that he's a token member meant to represent minorities as well as small business owners on the boards he serves on.  Sounds legit.

1 - I swiped everything up to this point (except the stuff in the parenthesis, obviously) from Lewis's WikiPedia page.
2 - Domhoff, G.W. 2010. Who Rules America? Challenges to Corporate and Class Dominance. New York: McGraw-Hill

Thursday, April 19, 2012



This is a new segment I've decided to spawn, to share those rare bits of internet filmilc gold that flash across my screen.  

Donald Duck/Lars Von Trier Parody Trailer

Everyone once in a while an exceptional trailer comes across youtube that must be shown to as many eyes as possible. This is one such trailer. Combining the style and power of Lars Von Trier with the well known Donald Duck disney adventures is a fantastical endeavor. Who knew gritty drug use and Donald Duck went together so well? This trailer is not for the little ones, but it is for everyone else with an intact funny bone.

Avengers Sweded Trailers

I saw the Avengers before you! Yes I know. I am awesome. These sweders are also awesome for their expertly made sweded Avengers Trailers. That's right trailers as in two versions. Get hyped for Avengers it's worth it. I wanna swede movies to now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Avengers :Yeah you're gonna want to see it.



Before the terrifying Disney legal monsters come and take down this post I will commit to NO SPOILERS, though by now a few thousand people have seen the movie so I mean "eh". I saw Avengers this weekend with fellow blogger Stephen Escudero.

I know I'm cool.

We were very lucky to have a last minute connect. So we woke up at 7am and we were on our way to the movies.

For a possible 10am viewing, it was however first come first serve and we could've been turned away.

The wait was pretty smooth, the anticipation was the worst thing.
The security for the event was no joke, they were protecting the movie at every turn from dastardly pirates. We got pretty good seats center and to the right.
The people running the preview event really wanted people to see the movie, they packed people everywhere they could spare with out getting them in the aisles(you know in case a fire happened, they were trying to make sure we didn't ALL die.) There were no trailers, just glorious Avengers.

Thursday, April 5, 2012




                 STEPHEN ESCUDERO=YELLOW                       

I feel I must run to John Carter's defense as this film sees to be dying by indifference, at least in America. Two out of three of us here in the Vundablog sphere went to see Disney's John Carter.I know (sigh) I know, we're rolling in to save the big 250 million dollar movie by Disney one of the most prolific and biggest companies on this planet. Apparently we are of the few, who not only liked it, but dare I say loved it. In fact according to rotten tomatoes the average movie goer that saw it basically liked it, with a 69 percent audience approval rating. However, the critics score is 51 percent, which I still find impressive with a big budget sci-fi film, because those usually score low with critics. I am proud to be among the 69 percent that watched it and liked it.
It feels very silly defending a huge blockbuster of a film, a huge blockbuster owned by a corporation that has managed to make itself a global brand to almost every ethnicity, race, and age group internationally, but movies do not deserve derision simply by who's writing the checks, especially if that move was actually a fine entertaining hoopla. John Carter was such a film, and I have recommended it to everyone around me.