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Taco Talking Wrestling Mini-Show with Blockbuster Guy Frank

 Hosts:  Stephen  & Blockbuster Guy  Frank Stephen and Frank do brief mini episode driving through parts unknown in Miami, while getting Frank some tacos for his sustenance. We discuss the 2018 Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber all while experiencing the madness of Miami traffic Tweet and follow us @vundablog  or  @vundacast 

Unlocked Vundacast Vault X-men Spectacular

Intro Hosts:  Stephen  & Blockbuster Guy Frank Part1 Hosts: 2013 version of Stephen &  Danielle Part 2 Hosts: 2014 version of Stephen & Mr. J Part 3 Hosts: 2014 version of Stephen, Danielle, &n D-rock Stephen and Frank open up the Vundacast vault and introduce some X-men themed episodes. The 1st clip after the intro by Stephen and Frank is the very 1st episode of the Vundacast where Stephen has no idea how to podcast and Dani has to deal with it. The second is a never before heard discussion  with Mr. J and Stephen when they use to fly under the moniker of PCFC, they discuss their own personal X-men history, and X-men Days of Future Past(2014). Finally also released from the vault Stephen, Danielle, and D-rock discuss the X-men: Days of Future Past film after seeing it in theaters in 2014 and geek out hard. Tweet and follow us @vundablog  or  @vundacast 

Kliq Bait: Dear WWE (A Booking Proposal for Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania)

Dear @WWE , I have an idea: instead of continuing the terrible Hardy/Wyatt feud, have @WWEBrayWyatt cut a promo about how he's sick of being a laughing stock & blames it all on @TripleH . Have him torment HHH for weeks until he agrees to fight him at WrestleMania. You're Welcome. — Irreverend Derrick (@bioponic) March 1, 2018

2017's Top Wrestling/(Mostly) Lucha Underground Matches Vol.2 of 2

Hosts: Stephen  &  D-rock D-rock continues guiding us through his favorite Lucha Underground Matches of the year 2017. They speculate on if Prince Puma/ Ricochet will get signed to WWE(by the time of this release He did). Epic storylines culminate before our eyes as temples get ruled by Pentagon Dark. Stephen remembers how Brock and Kurt Angle used to one up each other back in the day. Tweet and follow us @vundablog or @vundacast  or on facebook

2017's Top Wrestling/Lucha Matches Vol.1 of 2

Hosts: Stephen  &  D-rock D-rock takes us through his favorite WWE/Lucha Underground Matches of the year 2017. Most matches enthrall Stephen one just finger locks his criticism on out. Fun was had by all. Tweet and follow us @vundablog or @vundacast  or on facebook

VIDEO: Rey Mysterio, Jr. Appears at NJPW Event to Challenge Jushin Thunder Liger

Mark your calendars for New Japan's Strong Style Evolved on March 25th. Two of the greatest of all time!

BREAKING: Rey Mysterio, Jr. Appears at NJPW Event to Challenge Jushin Thunder Liger

BREAKING: @reymysterio appears on screen at New Japan's The New Beginning In Osaka to challenge Jushin Thunder Liger to a match at NJPW Strong Style Evolved March 25th #NJPW @vundablog — Irreverend Derrick (@bioponic) February 10, 2018

Booty Sack!

Hosts: Stephen , and Danielle Vundahounds: Xena, Duke, Morty, & Rusty Danielle devises strange social experiments to perform when she is a billionaire. Stephen talks about Jay Baruchel's  Goon movie sequel, and we somehow end up making fun of Stephenie Meyer. tweet us @vundablog or @vundacast follow on instagram and like us on Facebook too