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Hobbitcore's College Football Corner (Week 4)

HEADLINES The Gators and the Irish appear to be returning to the level they were at when these guys wore their uniforms -Well, it was bound to happen.  When you decide to present yourself as a prognosticator of sporting events (especially college sports), there are bound to be those weeks that make you look completely ridiculous and cause you to second-guess whether anyone cares about the analyses of someone so incompetent as to be so blatantly wrong so many times in one week.  Luckily my confidence remains unscathed.  But let's still go down the list of reasons why I was a complete idiot last week!  In no particular order: --TEAMS I MASSIVELY OVERESTIMATED: Tennessee, Michigan State, USC --TEAMS I MASSIVELY UNDERESTIMATE: Notre Dame (ugh), Florida (UGH), Stanford, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, California --technically correct in picking Ohio State and Alabama although I thought the Buckeyes would cruise and Arkansas would keep it close...not exactly a win (cer

VIDEO GOLD: EPIC Power Rangers fan video

 Lately, my buddy Jorge has been bombarding me with Power Ranger trivia and footage culled from the internets. I was searching for footage to combat his lust for obscure Power Rangers footage the other day when I came across this fan imation test footage. I do not know the story behind Mikethewolf the artist beyond his own website . However, his art is and this video are super cool. I love the bulky Power Ranger redesign and the fighting is fantastic. The overall look has a "cool" factor that Power Rangers hasn't had since I was nine years old. The fan film was created by Mikethewolf, a very talented artist. You can see his work at his deviantart page .

Hobbitcore's College Football Corner (Week 3)

HEADLINES The University of Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks celebrate a HUGE road upset of #8 Arkansas -So, as is often the case, a week in college football that seemed unbearably boring on paper was incredibly interesting to watch on the field.  If you were to ascribe a headline to Week 2 it would probably be something along the lines of "UPSETS AND CLOSE CALLS!"  Let's go down the list: No. 8 Arkansas fell to Louisiana-Monroe 34-31 in OT No. 13 Wisconsin lost to Oregon State 10-7 in a game I figured to be no more than "Montee Ball padding stats." (note: Ball had 15 carries for 61 yards and zero TDs) No. 14 Ohio State got all they could handle from UCF in a game that was tied until 15 seconds to go in the second half.  OSU began to open it up in the 3rd quarter but still came up with only a 31-16 victory. No. 16 Nebraska couldn't stop UCLA's dynamic new offense which proved that Week 1 was in no way a fluke by posting 36 on the tough

Hobbitcore's College Football Corner (Week 2)

HEADLINES -So I guess technically I got my Game of the Week pick right.  Not really though.  I expected Alabama to be the better team.  I don't think anybody expected that .  I think a lot of people are about ready to change their picks for the BCS title game--including me.  What impressed me most was the confidence of A.J. McCarron and the dominance of the very young defense.  If there was any doubt that Nick Saban is the best coach in college football right now, that's out the window.   Le'Veon Bell breaking some ankles -Michigan State RB Le'Veon Bell looks to be in Heisman form already as do USC QB Matt Barkley, and West Virginia QB Geno Smith.  Denard Robinson and Landry Jones?  Not so much. -Speaking of "not so much", there are several Top 25 teams who should be very worried right now: Oklahoma  looked very mediocre against lowly UTEP.  There was a lot of speculation about how Landry Jones would fair without his favorite target Ryan Broyles