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Irreverend D-Rock's Sunday Service -- Unraveling and Reweaving Christian Theology in Kevin Smith's "Dogma"

There are so many interesting theological concepts and questions being explored in this movie that it’s almost hard to know where to start. So perhaps it’s best to start where the movie starts: Bartleby and Loki. Bartleby and Loki are two fallen angels who have been banished from Heaven (to Wisconsin) for insubordination after Bartleby convinced a drunken Loki to throw down his sword and resign his post as Angel of Death. The thing I find most interesting about this is that, when Loki tells Bartleby he thinks he should resume his post, Bartleby reveals a very salient piece of information: there hasn’t been an Angel of Death since Loki resigned. So, while Loki was banished from Heaven for resigning the post, and Bartleby is banished for merely convincing Loki to resign--God ultimately decides that they were right; there should be no Angel of Death. It brings up a lot of questions about the idea of a God that would banish someone for refusing a command, subsequently conclude that the

Saga Sunday: 40 Years of Star Wars Panel Full - Star Wars Celebration 2017 Orlando

Still enjoying Star Wars celebration from afar. 

VUNDACAST ch 93 No Fatties No Furious

On this edition of the Vundacast Danielle and Stephen rev their engines about the ludicrous evolvation of a franchise that has become the F8 of the Furious(This what the title should have been-Stephen).  We also talk about The Last Jedi Trailer and celebrate Xena's 2nd Birthday. Duke sleeps through out the episode. Follow us on twitter @vundacast and @vundablog  and on instagram  @vundablog and also @dukexenalife for dog content. Also make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes  leave us a review every bit helps. powered by podcast garden

VUNDACAST ch 92 Go Go Colonel Klutz!

On this edition of the Vundacast Stephen and Danielle live happily ever after discussing some current films like Kong: Skull Island and Power Rangers . We also reminisce on sleeping in movie theaters, how wedding planning kills podcasts, and the comedic exploits of Vundacast war hero Colonel Klutz. powered by podcast garden Follow us on Twitter  @vundablog @vundacast  Follow our Instagrams  @vundablog @dukexenalife  Like our Facebook.

VUNDACAST ch 91 Interview w/ Michel Mulipola & Mr. J's Morphin Time

On this edition of the Vundacast Stephen begins by interviewing artist/Pro-Wrestler Michel Mulipola . They discuss his current Kickstarter for the comic Headlocked . Michel also talks about tag teaming with wrestling legend Haku , drawing, and living in New Zealand. The second half of the episode has the morphenomical Mr. J breaking down Power Rangers with Stephen. powered by podcast garden Please follow on Twitter  @bloodysamoan @vundacast @vundablog Also Like us on Facebook 

Happy 24th Birthday to Tool's "Undertow" Album

It's really kind of amazing to think that this album was released in 1993--and many of the songs on the album were written several years before that. This album is so incredibly ahead of its time, it's unreal. So much so that, until recently, even I--one of the biggest Tool fans on the planet--could never really get that into it. I especially recommend tracks 5-8--Crawl Away, Swamp Song, Undertow, and 4°--but the whole album is just brilliant.