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Smile Do your teeth try to leap from your mouth when you smile? Or are they just too happy to not want to shine? Are your cheek muscles trying to push through your skin? Or just reaching out to your good human kin? Together we can keep the world illuminated as long as we're continuing to smile. The better versions of ourselves aren't so outdated that we've forgotten how it feels to smile. I can feel the soft hands of your smile stroke my hair. They are built all of light and lift me in the air. As your joy overflows and pours out of your mouth I'll be trying to siphon it off and dole it out. Together we can keep the world irrigated as long as we're continuing to smile. The better versions of ourselves are not so jaded that we've forgotten what it means to smile.

4:20 mix

This is a mix of songs that are APPROXIMATELY four minutes and twenty seconds...sometimes it varies on different computers...whatever... 1. Korn - Blind 2. Dethklok - Into the Water 3. Mastodon - Colony of Birchmen 4. Bjork - Alarm Call 5. Radiohead - Lucky 6. Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything 7. At the Drive-In - One-Armed Scissor 8. The Lawrence Arms - Your Gravest Words 9. Oasis - Wonderwall 10. Weezer - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here 11. Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness (demo) 12. The Beatles - Come Together 13. Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier 14. Incubus - Psychopsilocybin 15. Limp Bizkit - Nobody Like You 16. Pantera - Suicide Note (Pt. 2) 17. Slipknot - Pulse of the Maggots 18. Thrice - Red Sky

Stoner Metal Mix

I just put the finishing touches on what I think may be one of the best overall mixes I've ever made and I just had to, I should note, this is not specifically a stoner metal mix in terms of the genre's just a bunch of cool "metal" (term used somewhat loosely) that I thoroughly enjoy listening to when I'm stoned...the real point is that some of these transitions are really awesome--particularly the stretch from #9 to #13... 1. Metallica - The Ecstacy of Gold (S&M) 2. Metallica - The Call of Ktulu (S&M) 3. Between the Buried and Me - Mordecai 4. Tool - Intermission 5. Tool - Jimmy 6. Kylesa - The Curse of Lost Days (Pt. III) 7. Dethklok - Into the Water 8. Isis - So Did We 9. Buried Inside - Time as Imperialism 10. Crestfallen - Scouring For Any Signs of Life 11. Coalesce - 12. Converge - My Great Devastator 13. Mudvayne - Prod 14. Mare - They Sent You 15. Cave In - Juggernaut