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THE Read Pile - 7/02/08

Huge week my wallet  mourns. #1 ALL NEW ATOM #25 - This book is ending and it's a shame because this character is great. I hope he gets a JLA roster spot. #2 BLUE BEETLE #28 - I hope this book does not go the way the Atom does this character is gold if someone who reads this blog isn't reading this comic you should be a shamed and you're really missing out. #3 DYNAMO 5 #14 - I love this book. It's original and fun. I highly recommend it for all readers. #4 AVENGERS INVADERS #3(OF 12) - I like the premise of this issue and can't wait to see which Namor wins my money os on the young one.  #5 WAR THAT TIME FORGOT #3(OF 12) - I like this book it has me a little confused but it feels like lost but more sci-fi. #6 TRINITY #5 - They're not disappointing. #7 BATMAN #678 RIP - I don't understand what's happening.  #8 STAR TREK YEAR FOUR ENTERPRISE EXPERIMENT #3 - I like this comic the art is great and the story is sol

erislaughs and stephen watches: chapter 3

So erislaughs was missing for a while. The only word she left was this.  Which is cute and all, but with the Hulk out I got to know what erislaughs thinks.  You know what I think . She has comic book reviews up also but I'll get to those later.  Nice to have you back erislaughs. 


I got tagged by NICK. So let's talk Zombies.  You are in a mall when zombies attack. You have 1.) One weapon 2.) One song blasting on the speakers 3.) One famous person to fight along side you (Historical or Fictional) What are you choices? 1.) Crowbar   It's not cool or slick, but I've read the Zombie Survival Guide and this is the weapon you want. It's got good reach, it's silent, never runs out of ammo, and is a good all purpose tool.  2.)   Nick has the right idea suggesting AC/DC my first impulse is to pick TNT by AC/DC.However, I'll kick it ironic and pick Simon and Garfunkel The Sound of Silence. 3.)  My dad . … People seem to like to pick people with experience. I will go against the grain and not pick, ash, or Shaun or another zombie killer. I'm tempted to go Termniator as he would be the perfect body guard against the undead, but I'll keep this real and say My dad. He's tuff and I trust him to watch my back. SOO…..tag people I must.  Ale

weekend watcher

I didn't want to write full posts since these movies aren't comic book related.  I saw Get Smart. I didn't like it. I didn't laugh. I'm not familiar with the TV show and the plot was dumb. I saw Don't mess with the Zohan. It was hilarious. I highly recommend it. It's one of Snadler's funniest comedies. It deals with political issues slightly. It's like Kung-fu Hustle only with sex and haircuts. I liked it.   

y-the movie lines. 4

Y-movie lines goes on.  Who do we have this week? Dr. Mann talkin bout Ampersand. If you have your own favorite Y-moment you want me to put up I will take requests. 


Sorry I wasn't around last week but I was working like mad. Also, Venture Bros is amazing. Long, live the venchman. Since their was no read pile last week I'm going to give you reviews. Anything I don't have much to say on will get either a GO SPPEED GO!! (which is a recommendation) or a NO SPEED NO!!(which is an anti-recommendation)  GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #9 Go! ACTION COMICS #866 Go! Pick this up its st artin g off a cool arch and Johns is fantastic. The art by Gar y Frank is beautiful and perfect. HUNTRESS  YEAR ONE #3 (OF 6) Go!   SALVATION RUN #7 (OF 7) This series got progressively worse. GREEN LANTERN CORPS #25 Go! TITANS #3 Go! I love this cover it reminds me of St ar Wars and I like how winick is playing with the characters it's interesting watching them juggle. TRINITY #2 Go! This series is starting off  strong.  BOOSTER GOLD #10  Go! IRON MAN LEGACY OF DOOM #3 (OF 4) No! The totally out of character writing of Doom is frustrating. Writers nowadays right Do

Relevant Issues

Chris Schweizer has a great rundown of the Marvel Universe's biggest smokers. My favorites that he lists are in no particular order. GAMBIT - for obvious reasons . REED RICHARDS - It's as if the pipe were invented for his nerdy stretchy face. J. JONAH JAMESON - No type of smoking goes better with screaming growling menace like a fat stubby cigar and J.J. owns it. BANSHEE - The cigarrette enhances his European-ness. It also shows of his pubby beer drinking side. Is Banshee dead? ELECTRO & BULLSEYE - Smoking enhances their villainy and menace. It takes them from costumed clowns to realistic seedy criminals. You can easily imagine them in prison bartering for smokes or smoking a cigarette after a bank heist to relax. Why bring this up? Because some groups have taken offense to how William Hurts character in The Incredible Hulk was smoking. That is ridiculous the type of props and vices a character has enhances the character. It delivers quickly and clearly the type of person t


Recently, Swinebread , who holds some what anti-Gambit beliefs, asked me why I enjoyed the character? Also tomorrow X-men Legacy is going to feature him prominently so here's a Gambit post.  I began my comics life with the 1990's x-men cartoon. Gambit was featured prominently on the show. He was attracted to Rogue, so was I.   The fact that he's a smoker is one of the reasons I like him. Not many superheroes smoke cigarettes, he's almost a villain and a bit of a cowboy. He has a unique sense of honor. H e has a wierd costume that I'm not sure serves a purpose but it does look pretty cool.  He's like the Han Solo or Sawyer of the X-men team. He's not a boy scout he's a bad boy. He's maybe the second most bad-ass character on the X-team after Wolverine.  He's a thief and he has skills beyond his mutation. He has so much destructive power but doesn't use it. He uses playing cards!  He is in total cont

thE READ PILE - 6/25/08

#1 FINAL CRISIS #2(OF 7) - I'm excited but I feel like I'm missing panels when I read a Morrison book. #2 GREEN LANTERN #32 - This is the best story line of the summer. #3 MIGHTY AVENGERS #15 - Pym's abduction can't wait to see what they pull out of their ass. #4 NEW AVENGERS #42 - So they're taking the wayback machine to New Avengers #1. I wonder how the Spiderman One More Day retcon will be addressed.  #5 MARVEL 1985 #2(OF 6) - This is a cool book but it would have been better with real photography or if it was drawn by Alex Ross. #6 TEEN TITANS #60 - Clock King is pretty cool but I don't like the way that this is tying into Final Crisis. #7 TRINITY #4 - This is actually good and I love the way they're doing triple covers. #8 X-MEN LEGACY #213 - Gambit is my favorite X- character. If this book is going to give me him than it's on my pull list. #9 WOLVERINE FIRST CLASS #4 - Don't no if I like all this Wundagore stuff but I like the art,  #10 SECRET

y-the movie lines. 3

The Y-movie lines train keeps on rolling. This time with clever word play. If you have your own favorite Y-moment you want me to put up I will take requests. 

6 reasons to love The Happening

Despite the many negative reviews I had to ma ke up my own mind on the Happening and I loved it. I'm in the minority but I'm proud of that. MINOR SPOILERS AHOY MATES!!! The Happening!!! 6. Mark Wahlberg - Me and Wahlberg have a weird relationship. I hated him thefirst time I saw him in the Planet of the Apes remake and wrote him off as a piece of crap actor. Eventually he weasled his way into my heart with his performance in I Heart Huckabees, We Own the Night, The Departed, and Four Brothers. In this film he does both his best and worst work. At times he is scared and his voice gets all squeaky and it is unintentionally funny. However in romantic scenes he shines and when he talks to kids he seems to speak so honestly. Its a very interesting and sketchy performance. Wahlberg's character is a scientist as such his character thinks about the situation scientifically in trying to solve it.  5. The Scenery - I love movies that show off the American landscape. This movie makes

THE READ PILE - 6/18/08

#1 GEMINI #2 (OF 5) - I love Faerber and the design work on this book is impressive. I recommend looking for the first issue and jumping aboard this mini. #2 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #22 - I want to give Red Tornado a shot, he gets called a second rate Vision alot.  #3 TRINITY # 3 - The guys at Pulp Secret summed it up the best. This is the first of DC's weekly series that actually feels like a comic and not a slapped together stunt.  #4 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #14 - Green Arrow and Deadman! I am happy. #5 SECRET INVASION FANTASTIC FOUR #2(OF 3) - Meh.  #6 DC SPECIAL CYBORG #2(OF 5) - I like this book thus far it is nothing spectacular but it's decent and has potential. It's also a good book for people unfamiliar with the character track down issue one and jump on it. #7 TANGENT SUPERMAN'S REIGN #4(OF 12) - This book feels like it meandering, I might drop it. #8 DC WILDSTORM DREAM WAR #3(OF 6) - More meandering and I still don't know what a Dream War is. MOMENT OF WEAKN

6 reasons to like The Incredible Hulk

So I make my triumphant return to blogging rejuvenated and ready to review ass and blog names.  SPOILERS AHOY, MATES!!!! The Incredible Hulk!!! 6. Edward Norton - Has made me edit Best Incarnations . He was perfect. He put the Hulk in real life situations like trying to have sex, and on the run believably. I am also really into the idea that Banner is trying to master his rage through meditation it gives him a more global and batman vibe.  5. The Leader - I'm not a big Hulk fan and I really know very little about the character, his rogues, and his history. However, I do have rudimentary knowledge on the finer points of his rogues and the Leader I always thought was the lamest, but had the most potential. I am hyped at the prospect of the Leader actually being committed to film. Tim Blake Nelson is brilliant, he is way underused and should've gotten an oscar for his performance in O' borther where art thou. He is really going to shine with a bulbous he