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Mike Hartmann has a dream of being a pro-wrestler. Who's Mike Hartmann? Mike Hartmann is the star of the greatest wrestling comic ever. Headlocked. I picked up Headlocked: A Single Step, and  absolutely loved it. I've always liked wrestling and recently I've been developing a love for it. This book is going to keep that fire of love burning bright, from now or until the creator Mike Kingston straps on his own tights and joins a Chikara League. Watch the Video, and prepare for me to talk about this adnauseum.for the next 40 or so days. Let's Go Mike! I contributed . You can too, right now. 

SELWYN WARD RETURNS (Power Rangers Turbo) : Black Nerd

Who's your favorite power ranger? - SW You better pick the Green Ranger! - JDF Who will he choose?! - NOX

YOUTUBE GOLD: X-Men: Days of Future Past Official Viral Video - Trask Industries (2014...

After Watching The Wolverine I now find myslef... the X-men Universe. This is fun.      

John Veiga: Cant Sike Me

Vundablog Presents

More photoshop fun. Can you name all the heroes? 

spanish announce table TEASER: booker t sings HBK theme

Love this video. What's not too like Booker T. For George. The NWO for Derrick, and Tarzan from Magic Mike for me.  

Me on TESD 160

Should of used this pic in this Youtube Gold nugget I made. Enjoy TESD ARMY. Here's an even better English guy on Tesd.

B &R : Batman & Robin: THE PUNS

Oscar Wilde would be proud. I have to be perfectly honest: I've always LOVED "Batman & Robin." Initially, I'm sure I had the same reaction to it everyone else did. There's no denying it's a steaming pile of film but it's MY steaming pile of film. Actually, I was 12 when it came out, so I'm pretty sure I've always loved it.  There was probably a few years in there where I thought I was "better" than this movie or whatever, but I soon learned the ironic awesomeness of Joel Schumacher's relentlessly campy Batman installments. It is, therefore, my distinct pleasure and privilege to present to you, our esteemed Vundablog audience, a video that, for the first time ever, truly captures the essence and the beauty of BATMAN & ROBIN... CHILLED. TO PERFECTION.


Hey Vunda-fans! This will make it's goal. I will be drawn into this comic.   We will push this hard. Oh no everyone can see my Selena Gomez song. How very unwrestling. But I love Headlocked like a love song baby. Support or get out of the ring. 

Vimeo Platinum: STARCHER TREK

Starcher Trek! from Starcher Trek on Vimeo .

Youtube Gold: Skating is Sexy Music Video from Skate 101, starring


Why haven't you shared this yet? Analog Hype dug it .

John Veiga: When I Had Nothing



Vundablog Presents


I got poked! starring Jenny Jen, The Skatewoman.

I love this party and I want to be in it. Because there's a triceratops, a tigerman, a Frankenstein monster, a mummy, a robot named Takito, anthropomorphized animals of all sorts, and even a pirate with his parrot. I discovered this through a poke on facebook.  I went throught the rabbit hole of websites learned cool stuff about this original artist Jen and her Skatewoman concept which is really inventive.  Follow the rabbit hole too. Enjoy. I think this is supercool can't wait to show my nieces and nephews. This is cool(in a way that I wish I was exposed to this when I was 8 or 10) and a really cool advertising technique of a poke. Subcribe follow and support her. I'll be scheduling some more posts to show off more of her great music and fun videos.

B&R: Batman and Robin: The Musical (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Too bad we missed out on Batman Live down here in Miami! :(! - NOX courtesy of  


So I tried supporting Reginald the small way . He still hasn't made his goal so here is my version of the big way. You need to share and spread the word and introduce his fans to him. You're an indy artist. Support an Indy artist either with cash, or time, or a simple share. One fan can Make a difference. Please Help Reginald. I've made these meme-able images for him. I made five. You make five. We need to help a fellow indy artists. He asked for it HE'S ON KICKSTARTER NOW.  since I stared and am done his kickstarter's currently at.   I started working at 173 he's only added 3 today. He's running out of time help him share or tell his story or even better donate. I made a difference. 


OMG! This is Going be Morphenomenal! - NOX

ZOD OPERA RAP up dated

I edited it better and tagged it up. Please tear it apart.

Justin Timberlake - Pusher Love Girl (cover) by @ReggieWillMusic Kicksta...

He has a Kickstarter find it, support it. Now.


Went crazy Free-styling to Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for the Man of Steel this is the first of many more to come. It's sort of like gangster rap, meets Les Mis, meets hip-hop, meets a rock opera, meets whatever other descriptor you can think. Enjoy and please share. If anyone can make it better I'd love to see your tries at editing. Please comment, let me know what you think cause I'm making more and trying to entertain. -Stevie Vundabarr.

FRESH ARTISTS: John Veiga:Paid For It

As soon as I put up a rap of my own I get one upped by a true artist John Veiga. This is a very talented cat who is here local in Miami. Enjoy and bust a move.

stephen and dex :MOBILE RAPS LIVE

This is to further promote Reginald Williams Realize the Dream.  SUPPORT, SHARE AND DONATE. The rappers above are Stephen and Dex recorded on july 14th, in a car free styling.

ASSKICKING Kickstarter: Update! Reggie Williams - I Don't Know How pt. 1

This is an amazingly talented artist I would be honored to have his music in any movie I've made. Please empty your pockets and support this wonderful Indy artist. Be Indy as fuck. Go on a diet for indy art and support it. Keep it alive. He has inspired me. GO DONATE he's halfway there. Share this around on twitter, Facebook, or whatever you use. Time is of the essence. 

How To Upload Past The YouTube Video Length Limit

very helpful use it make 11 minute art.

ass kicking kickstarters: reggie's

Find this Kickstarter support it.  I will make a photoshop clip to promote it tommorow . You mske one too.  EAMIL: tweet and follow: @gabbyspervmind

How Superman shaves

Inspired by axe the stache. How does superman shave? We already knew. Be a nerd know the truth don't fall into commercial bullshit.

ASSKICKING INDY BANDS Axe the 'Stache-"Liquid Lies" Video

GO TEAM VENTURE! GO TEAM VUNDABLOG! and here's some original art by me to help promote him. I ask him to plug us. we will plug him. tweet it share it pimp it. Join the army. finure out how to add to the corner. This is your site.this is our site.


So it worked. I put my self at there, and tried something and it worked. Did I do it. Kind of. Not really. ADVANTAGEOUS: THE FEATURE and their amazing team did it. Now they have a harder job getting out all the rewards. I will keep an eye on their progress and you let know how they go. I will also be making a page where I will put all my Ass Kicking Kickstarters to which I hope their are many more. I will plug projects I've already funded, closer to their releases. I will also have my eye out of new projects so, If you need free advertising For your Kickstarter Contact me and I will be your partner, your ally, your friend, and I will do everything with in my power to promote your Kickstarter project. I've started some podcasts. Wrestling podcast will be the first to debut. So wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans check it out when it comes out, soon. I will also be posting a Man of Steel Freestyle rap my cuban white nerdy version of it. Hope you guys are fans of