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Play Simpsons Wrestling right here!

 This is a huge week potentially for pro-wrestling. Celebrate it by playing some vintage playstation era Simpsons Wrestling.   

JASON X Commentary Track

Stephen loves Jason, Dani thinks he's boring. Join us for our third in our series of Friday the 13th commentary tracks this time we tackle Jason X aka Jason goes to Space. We laugh, we nitpick, we marvel at the knit fabrics, and sexy upgraded Jason.  Hear this up!!!

Happy 30th Birthday Metallica's Black Album (AND Coroner's "Mental Vortex"!)

It's a heavy metal birthday extravaganza today here at the Vundacast! Today we're celebrating two of heavy metal's most important albums (for better or worse) which were released on exactly the same day 30 years ago today! The first is one of the most divisive and yet also by far the most popular heavy metal album of all time with over 25 million copies sold and counting: Metallica's self-titled "Black Album." Plenty of perfectly valid criticisms have been lobbed at the "Black Album" over the years and when you consider the progressive thrash metal genius of their first four records as well as everything the band did after the "Black Album," it's hard not to see why this radical departure has been so maligned by fans of the band's earlier work. It's much slower and simpler, drawing much more on hard rock and testosterone than the complexity and refined songwriting of the Cliff Burton era. Indeed, in the wake of Burton's deat


Stephen and D-rock take an interlude from their usual AEW coverage to discuss the GCW Homecoming PPV available on Fite app. We talk about Drew Parker, Effy, Allie Katch, Nick Gage, and all the other GCW contenders. As well as the AEW talent showing up for some love from Matt Cardona's GCW Universe.  Hear this up!!!