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D-Rock's Top 21 Albums of '21

Photo by me at Shoreline Amphitheatre in California at a concert featuring Korn & Staind 2021 may not have been an especially good year in other ways but it was most certainly an amazing year for music. Not only did live music return (which I have complex but mostly joyful and grateful feelings about) but dozens upon dozens of fantastic albums were released this year. So I thought it only fitting to celebrate the year in music with this list of my top albums of 2021. Bearing in mind that rankings are always a little complex and these things are constantly shifting (my top three are honestly pretty much interchangeable based on my mood) blah blah blah all art is subjective, etc....enjoy my top 21 albums of 2021!

Check out Splatterhouse from 1988

 In honor of Joe Bob Ruins Christmas tomorrow night on Shudder. Please enjoy some classic 80's retro video game action. The gory 8-bit classic SplatterHouse. Allow yourself to play as Rick Taylor possessed by the Red Terror mask to save your girlfriend Jeniffer from the monsters that have kidnapped her inside the splatter house.