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Wonder Woman Trailer 2017


Check out The Crusader on kickstarter and throw them a couple of bucks if you're so inclined, we did.

Fake Fighting Frenzy: Summer Slam 2000 TLC Match for the Tag-Team Champi...

YOUTUBE GOLD: If You Can Walk, You Can Roll by Jenny Jen

YOUTUBE GOLD: Arnold Schwarzenegger on QVC: "Get to the Chopper!"

Fake Fighting Frenzy: Owen Hart vs Bret Hart Wrestlemania 10

TO ME MY X-MEN: X-Men: Days of Future Past | Official Trailer 2

YOUTUBE GOLD: Christopher Walken Dance Now

Fake Fighting Frenzy: Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk Summer Slam 2009

Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix - ECLECTIC METHOD

The Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix from Eclectic Method on Vimeo .

RANDOM GENIUS: Gangs of New York vs. Kill Bill 1

Gangs Of New York vs. Kill Bill 1 from Ali Shirazi on Vimeo .

Fake Fighting Frenzy: Royal Rumble 2004 Review

RANDOM GENIUS: Turn Down For What Music Video

Music video is a genuine art form in my eyes. Music videos can be magical experiences. This is one such magical experience. This is one such piece of art. 

Fan Film: Trickster

Over here at the Vundablog we respect and admire the Matrix. Felix Joleanes apparently digs the Matrix too, as he did this sweet Matrix fan film. the effects make it special but the style and music are pretty on point too. Overall it's an amazing effort and worthy of being watched. Enjoy and if you have your own fan film you want us to plug please email

Sesame Street: Les Mousserables (Les Mis Parody)


Fake Fighting Frenzy: Jeff Jarrett vs Shawn Michaels


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: Assembling a Universe Special Promo (HD)

Scary Parts -- "Meet Me There" feat. Goldust

via : "Based on a bizarre town in rural Oklahoma where there are more crime scene cleanup employees than there are mailboxes, Meet Me There blurs the lines between horror, suspense, romance, and fear. Starring Lisa Friedrich ( Least Favorite Love Songs ), Micheal Foulk ( Zero Charisma ) and featuring Dustin Runnels ( WWE's Goldust ) and Jill Thompson ( Scary Godmother ). Brought to life by director/cinemtographer/editor, Lex Lybrand ( Summer League ), Meet Me There is born out of a collection of real-life stories from the vault of writer, Brandon Stroud ( Seven Hill City ) and Destiny Talley." Most people who know me (Derrick) relatively well know that I'm not particularly keen on horror movies. I have a few favorites. The original Halloween is obviously immune to the "I don't like horror movies" crowd because it's just a brilliant film (and I don't give a f*ck, I LOVE the Rob Zombie remake...I mean I f*cking LOVE

Deliver Us From Evil - Official Teaser Trailer

A new Scott Derrickson movie sounds great anytime. If you want to hear some great interviews with him click here and then here .

Fake Fighting Frenzy: Raw is Pathos


I've supported this kickstarter you should too. Check it out and contribute . Tangled Weeds needs your help.

Midnight MOVIE Matinee: Non Stop Review

Fake Fighting Frenzy: WWE Network Review

Marvel 75th Anniversary Trailer

RANDOM GENIUS: Prometheus Land of the Lost Trailer

This a very well done parody slash mash-up. Contrast it with the original for maximum effect.

Tallahassee Skatepark December 2013

Check out this dope skate video with camera work by Byron.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Official Trailer #1 (2014)

Nuff said.

FROZEN PARODY: When it's NOT OKAY to sing 'Let it Go'

HARMONTOWN Official SXSW Trailer - Nerdist Exclusive

SCARY PARTS: Afflicted - Official Trailer [HD]

Midnight MOVIE Matinee Post-Oscar Show


YOUTUBE GOLD: The Worf of Starfleet - Trailer Parody (The Wolf of Wall Street)

This parody trailer is pure genius. Great editing, and great use of Worf's awkwardness. My only complaint is that they should've used some DS9 clips.

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