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I wrote this in 2003...

...and a lot of people seemed to like it for some reason. Personally I think it could use some updating, which is why I'm storing it here for now. In storage but on display. Think of it as a "demo version."

UPDATE: I've edited it a bit and have a second draft now. The edited version is directly below and the original version is underneath the edited version and italicized.

float away
catch a star on your way
let it expire in a fury of light
that once was so small
to those far away
yet now it fills the sky
and when you show us that
we'll cry
but we'll know
that love never dies
we'll hug in great numbers
and take home reminders
of all that we have
and we'll know
know that best friends forever
is more than just a cute catchy phrase
know that the words we say
are more than just words
and we'll say them with more conviction than ever
and we'll cry
but these tears will be the happy kind
the kind that come from community
from words spoken with sincerity
from people wh…