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D-Rock's Spooktober Film Festival GRAND FINALE!

Well, the day has finally arrived! And to celebrate, I'm going to go through every scary movie I've watched this month. You see, two years ago, I decided I wanted to watch as many scary movies as possible in the month of October. It was--I can't stress this enough--awesome. And ever since then I've made this quest a yearly tradition. This year, I decided to make it a little more fun by live-tweeting a few of these--at least when I had the energy for it. However, there are a whole bunch of movies (and some TV shows!) I never got to talk about for my adoring public here at Vundablog. So I decided I would make a list of every movie I watched this month and say a little something about each one. Because I know how important it is to you all to know what I think about all the movies I watch. So let's do this...

Rise of the Final Trailer Reaction

We're back: A Star Wars Story! We're back in time to give our breakdown of the trailer, our likes and dislikes and to let you know where we've been! Related Links: Kylo Ren Comic News Our episode of the Star Wars Show   Our reaction Video Email: Support Smash.Miami  and see how you can help and have fun! Throw us  some Ko-fi money  to support our efforts! Check out the hosts Force Awakens Wedding Proposal  with the great band the  Magic City Hippies. Catch us on  our Internet Radio home the Radioactive Underground RADIATE.FM Tweet the Show:  @RebelOrderPod  or  @Vundablog Subscribe now on Apple Subscribe on PlayerFM visit our home Hot off the presses!

LIVE TWEETING NOW! D-Rock's Spooktober Film Festival: THE LAST EXORCISM

. @Vundablog .com Presents: D-Rock's Spooktober Film Festival! I will be watching as many scary movies as I possibly can throughout the month and live tweeting them! First up: THE LAST EXORCISM... — Minister of Darkness, M.Div (they/them) (@bioponic) October 7, 2019 Tune in NOW on my Twitter (@bioponic) to watch as I live tweet The Last Exorcism! 

Force Sensitive Friday: Reylo what a Knight