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v for venture

Super villain brain storming, genius.


I wanna be a famous lion tamer.

V for Venture

Night court was huge at the time. I miss night court.


I apologize for the delayed absence. Financial woes have kept me from the comic shop, along with the beginning of the school year and simply trying to figure out my schedule. The only reason you've been seeing venture clips is because I automated them like a month ago. I have a lot to discuss. I have like 3 movie reviews left to type up, some graphic novel reviews of: the dark knight returns(didn't like it), the dark knight strikes again(liked it surprisingly), batman year one(loved it), superman: red son(liked it), and infinite crisis the hardcover edition(undecided as of now).

v for venture

I wish I had a robot like H.E.L.P.E.R.

Don't you?

ThE rEaD pIlE - 9/04/08

DETECTIVE COMICS #848 - I'm greatly enjoying the heart of Hush. Dini has a good handle on the character and it bothers me how much people hate Hush. He's not that bad of a villain.

TRINITY #14 - This series is kicking ass. I like the new characters they've added and I like the way they give the Multiverse more depth. 
HOUSE OF MYSTERY #5 - I was going to drop it but I think a series like this needs twelve issues to figure out what it will be in the future.  
EL DIABLO #1 (OF 6) - This looks promising. 

FRINGE #1 (OF 6) - This is based on the tv show let's see if it's worth a crap.
JONAH HEX #35 - Pick it up. 
GREEN LANTERN #34 - This is the book I'm most excited to read this week. 

VENOM DARK ORIGIN #2 (OF 5) - First issue was good, don;t know if I like the characterization of Brock as a liar, but let's see how they elaborate on this theme.
TWELVE 1/2 - Ooh the Fiery Mask. 

SECRET SIX #1 - I've read all the past Secret six since Villains United. I don;…


Grover Cleveland's Presidential Time Machine. What a beautiful string of words?