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Week 4

-Can we officially shut the fuck up about Jake Locker now? I don't care if he was playing the Pittsburgh Steelers, 4-20 for 71 yards, a TD, and 2 INTs is unacceptable. If you take away a 45 yard TD strike to Jermaine Kearse, he was 3-19 for 26 yards and 2 INTs. He's got lots of talent and I'm sure he's a perfectly decent kid but the idea that Locker is the ultimate prospect in this year's NFL Draft is inexplicable. His Heisman campaign is obviously deader than dead at this point and I see no reason that he won't be the next Tim Couch. -Here's a random one: Kansas is down 31-10 to Southern Miss...they score a touchdown with 5:17 left in the game...and go for two?! Uh...what? Who did the math on that one? What possible scenario are they planning for? Are they planning cut the deficit to 13 instead of 14 in hopes that, in the event that they have to settle for two field goals at some point, they can still tie the game (with the addition of another touch

Participation and Cooperation

When I was a senior in high school, I was already an avid attendee of what were purposefully referred to by myself and my peers as "local shows" (the idea, ostensibly, being to separate what we were doing from the overblown idea of the "rock concert"--which may be valid or may not be). Most of these shows I attended on my own and for the sole purpose of seeing live music that I enjoyed. However, something changed during my senior year. Little by little I started meeting more and more of an overwhelmingly wonderful group of friends (there were roughly 20 or 30 of them) who attended many of the same shows I was attending at the time. The quality and quantity of memories I made with these people cannot be overstated but those are different stories for another time. For the sake of this particular piece, there's only one of them who is really of importance. Let's call him Iggy. Iggy was one of my best friends in the group--for a time, he was unquestiona

I guess this will be a Unitarian Universalism blog now...

The first thing I'd like to say is that I can't even begin to express my gratitude for those who have felt so moved by what I've written in here (even if it's just the one entry) that they felt compelled to spread awareness of it through any channels available to them. This is undoubtedly my first experience with the opportunity to be writing to an audience which is both ridiculously exciting and mildly terrifying. The point is that due to the recent influx of readership and in light of the specificity of said readership, I will be doing two things: 1. I will be updating this blog once a week (every Monday) and 2. I will be attempting to at least loosely skew the content of the blog toward matters at least loosely related to Unitarian Universalism. It's the least I can do to gratify whatever audience I have been lucky enough to be gifted with and have gathered for me. So. Here's something I wrote down in a moleskine during today's service that I thought

Week 3

Well, the dust has settled from "Monster Saturday"...let's review shall we... -I'll start, of course, with Miami. Firstly, Jacory Harris. This was supposed to be the year where he put it all together and stopped making stupid mistakes, becoming the quarterback that all Hurricanes fans had hoped and expected him to become. Now, Ohio State's defense deserves a lot of credit. Not every defense in the country would have converted some of these mistakes into turnovers and OSU's impeccably coached D is one of the best at it. However, with this game, the hope of Jacory becoming the QB we all thought he could be has taken a huge hit. It seems likely now that he will never fulfill his potential and while he deserves some of the blame, most of it rests squarely on the shoulders of Mark Whipple. For starters, Whipple is the Canes' QB coach and appears to have failed in that capacity. Making stupid mistakes is a red flag that signifies poor coaching. Not only

Week 2's where the fun begins. Now we've all had a little taste of what to expect out of most of the teams in the country (well, sort of) and this week things start getting REAL interesting. First things first, storylines from last week: -I'll start with one of my favorite things to talk about: anything and everything negative about the Florida Gators. I make no secret of my hatred for the Gators. However, you could make the argument that this fact actually better qualifies me to comment on the state of affairs in The Swamp. Much in the same way that college football fans have a tendency to know the most about their favorite teams because they actively follow them, I know a lot about the Gators because I do, in fact, follow them, for the sole purpose of rooting against them and excessively scrutinizing them. However, while being a fan of a team often makes one biased in their favor--sometimes unrealistically--hating a team has the opposite effect of making you one

Playlist: Modern Anthems

The other day I was watching a live webcast of The Arcade Fire playing Madison Square Garden on youtube and chatting with my friend who was watching the same webcast. They closed (of course) with "Wake Up" and my friend said to me: "this is the last great anthem." Obviously I took this as a challenge. So I found 84 songs on my iPod that I deemed to be "great anthems" and that were released in or after the year 2004 (the year The Arcade Fire's "Funeral" was released). A lot of them were by the same artists so I made a mix (right in the range of 90 minutes so it would fit comfortably on a blank tape, if anyone's interested) of the best ones: 1. Thrice - Image of the Invisible One of the more powerful songs you'll hear and one of the best opening songs on an album. The call-and-response gang vocals give me chills every time you hear them. This is one of a handful of songs that really captured the emotion and the significance o

I like...

I like metal I like indie I like emo/screamo I like punk rock I like hardcore I like hip hop I like alternative I like jazz I like folk I like classical I like pop I like Tori Amos I like Fiona Apple I like Sarah McLachlan I like musicals I like chick flicks I like documentaries I like crime dramas I like independent films I like the frat pack I like Judd Apatow I like David Lynch I like David Fincher I like Christopher Nolan I like Ellen Page I like Scarlett Johansson I like Jena Malone I like Batman I like graphic novels I like Hunter S. Thompson I like Chuck Klosterman I like Nick Hornby I like William Shakespeare I like Forum I like Playboy I like pornography I like lesbians I like gay men I like the spectrum view of gender I like the spectrum view of sexuality I like BBWs I like petite girls I like redheads I like blondes I like green eyes I like blue eyes I like brown eyes I like freckles I like love handles I like girls who wear

Week 1

The season is FINALLY upon us. I feel like a kid on Christmas--as a matter of fact, the start of college football season has become way more exciting to me than Christmas in a number of ways. We've had our share of off-season storylines ranging from conference realignment to off-field scandals and the evils of bad agents but the good stuff is finally here. What I'll be doing (or attempting to do) here is trying to pick winners of each week's most high-profile games as well as offering up a few other features, discussing storylines, making fun of people/things, and whatever else I can come up with to entertain anyone who's nice enough to do me the honor of actually reading this crap. There will be an Upset of the Week each week as well as a Game of the Week (complete with Keys to the Game for each team), probably a Heisman Watch, a list of teams I think should be on Upset Alert, as well as a list of Out-of-Whack spreads and whatever else I can drum up for fun...possi