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Happy 20th Anniversary to Radiohead's "Amnesiac"

  Today marks the 20th anniversary of what many might consider one of the red-headed step-children of Radiohead's discography. Released just eight months after the revolutionary, genre-obliterating masterpiece Kid A , and featuring songs that were recorded in the same sessions as Kid A (including an alternate take of "Morning Bell," a song first featured on Kid A ), Amnesiac quickly developed a bit of reputation as being nothing more than a collection of Kid A B-sides, even being saddled with the pejorative nickname "Kid B." However, upon closer examination, the album proves to be so much more--indeed, the band themselves have stated that they always very much saw it as its own album and singer Thom Yorke even describes it as "another take on Kid A , a form of explanation." In fact, the band considered releasing Kid A and Amnesiac as a double album but ended up deciding against it because they felt it would be too dense. I would even go as far as to