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Stephen Escudero is a Cuban-American Miami based podcaster, writer, filmmaker, film lover, humanitarian, and creator of all/most things Vunda. He loves movies. He loves comic-books. He Loves cartoons. He loves his wife Dani whom he hosts the official podcast of Vundablog.com the Vundacast as well as their Star Wars-centric podcast the Rebel Order. Stephen is the leader, pilot, and tech guru of the Vundacast turning his AV experience for the powers of good. He is a die-hard Kevin Smith, and Robert Rodriguez fan. He loves horror films(especially 80's), and sci-fi or action films. He prefers DC to Marvel, and Coca-Cola Classic to Pepsi. Hates condiments. Loves Country-Fried Steak from Cracker Barrel. 

Stephen has a penchant for talking about pop-culture for hours on end.  He's always been a movie fan since watching Terminator 2 with his mother at age 7 after that he watched every film he could regardless of rating and let his imagination grow. He's been a wrestling fan growing up during the Monday Night war. He's Hosted panels at Florida Supercon, Ultracon, and OUTcon. He's interviewed pop-culture mavericks like Gerald Okamura, Alavaro Rodriguez, Lisa Hammer, Casper Kelly, Justin Miles, Andrea Laing, Skye Passmore, Sean Hankinson, Tordy Clark, Mike Kingston, Michel Mulipola, Josh Stifter, Alejandro Montoya Marin, Josh Horowitz, @theJsarge, Erin Miskell, Manny Trembley, and the Meza Bros.

Stephen's top 21 favorite films as of his 35th year are Adult Swim Yule Log, Big Trouble in Little China, Hellboy, Easy Rider, Re-Animator, Total Recall, Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Devil's Backbone, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Big Lebowski, Highlander, Star Trek First Contact, The Lord of the Rings trilogy Extended Edition, Star Trek (2009), Con-Air, Demolition Man, Weird Science, Sleepaway Camp, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. My favorite comic book character is a tie between Booster Gold from DC Comics and Battle Beast from Invincible. My favorite Star Wars character is Ben Solo. My favorite wrestler of all time is Mick Foley. My favorite WrestleMania is WrestleMania XIV Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack win the tag titles, c'mon!


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