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The Nevin Shapiro Debacle From a Different Perspective

If the media is to believed, then Nevin Shapiro may have just crippled or killed the sports team I cherish above all else and have for over 20 years. I figured maybe I should write a blog post about it. Why don't we start with the basics: -Nevin Shapiro is in jail serving a 20 year sentence for a $930 million Ponzi scheme -He is also a former University of Miami sports booster -Between 2002 and 2010, he claims to have provided illegal (according to the NCAA, not the law) benefits to 72 Miami Hurricanes football players (and some basketball, but who cares about UM basketball?) including use of his mansion, yacht, throwing sex parties, buying of strippers and prostitutes and even paying for a stripper's abortion -Twelve of these players are current players (also one current basketball player) -6 coaches are implicated as being either knowledgeable or even involved with providing of illegal benefits (Frank Haith [now at Missouri] and five assistants [two basketball, three footba



October 7th - THRICE @ Revolution

here's what Thrice would play in my utopian fantasy world: 1. Lullaby 2. The Weight of Glory 3. Yellow Belly 4. Burn the Fleet 5. Flags of Dawn 6. Broken Lungs 7. Daedalus 8. The Earth Will Shake 9. Hold Fast Hope 10. Talking Through Glass/We Move Like Swingsets 11. Come All You Weary 12. Open Water 13. Lost Continent 14. The Whaler 15. Red Sky 16. Music Box 17. Like Moths to Flame 18. Backdraft 19. The Weight 20. Trust 21. The Melting Point of Wax 22. All That's Left 23. Silhouette 24. The Artist In the Ambulance 25. Cold Cash and Colder Hearts 26. Kill Me Quickly 27. To Awake and Avenge the Dead 28. Deadbolt 29. For Miles 30. Beggars The more of these they play, the more epic this show will be...