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"Why We OccUUpy" (text of my Message/Sermon from the 11/27/11 Social Justice Committee Led Worship Service of the same name)

So.  What does Occupy stand for?  What are their demands?  What are they trying to accomplish?  That seems to be all you hear the media say about the Occupy movement and it kind of makes you wonder if the media has been collectively living under a rock.  The signs at the protests are clear as day.  The declarations adopted by the General Assemblies of many of the Occupy encampments are very explicit.  Wall Street, with help from Washington politicians they’ve paid good money for, are hijacking our economy and our country and taking it on a hundred and thirty mile-per-hour joyride with all of us riding unwillingly in the passenger seat. This is why we Occupy! This is a chart posted on a website called Mother Jones.  The title of the chart is “The Final Four Financial Institutions.”  As you can see, up until about 1996 there were dozens of financial institutions.  Then

Mix CD: Music of the 99%

1. Darkest Hour - The Sadist Nation 2. Crestfallen - Nine to Five RSVP 3. Every Time I Die - Enter Without Knocking and Notifying the Police 4. Every Time I Die - The Logic of Crocodiles 5. Refused - Protest Song '68 6. Leftover Crack - Gang Control 7. Thrice - Cold Cash and Colder Hearts 8. Thursday - For the Workforce, Drowning 9. Rage Against the machine - The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen cover) 10. Fear Factory - Securitron (Police State 2000) 11. Propagandhi - Purina Hall of Fame 12. Against Me! - What We Worked For 13. Bruce Springsteen - We Shall Overcome 14. The Beatles - Revolution 1 15. On the Strings Of - Brick By Brick 16. This Is My Fist! - Voice from Occupationland 17. Aus Rotten - Welfare Recipients 18. Refused - Deadly Rhythm 19. The Assistant - 93,800 Hours