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Jason David Frank Tribute ep. 213

       The Vundacast gathers to pay tribute to the legendary Jason David Frank who was kind enough to grace us with an bumper that is forever in the Vundacast outro. On this special episode Stephen shares some raw audio from when Andres, Lydia, Dani, and Stephen met JDF at Florida Supercon, then Andres discusses getting to work with JDF and we review his status in pop-culture with  Stephen's JDF Tribute Playlist . Stephen and Lydia reminisce on growing up in the Power Rangers phenomenon and finally we open the Vundacast Vault to one of the 1st podcast Stephen ever recorded in 2013. Episode Zero of the Spanish Announce Table "Go Go Waiting for JDF". Where in Stephen, Mr. J , and D-rock try to record a review of a TLC match at Florida Supercon  but Mr. J has to talk about waiting in line for JDF.   RIP to the greatest Power Ranger of all time Jason David Frank.       Hear this up .