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Best Picture - "Lincoln"
Best Supporting Actor - Alan Arkin, "Argo"
Best Supporting Actress - Anne Hathaway, "Les Miserables"
Best Director - Ang Lee, "Life of Pi"
Best Actor - Daniel Day Lewis, "Lincoln"
Best Actress - Jessica Chastain, "Zero Dark Thirty"
Best Original Screenplay - "Django Unchained"
Best Adapted Screenplay - "Lincoln"
Best Animated Feature - "Brave"
Best Foreign Feature - "Amour"
Best Visual Effects - "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"
Best Cinematography - "Life of Pi"
Best Costume Design - "Snow White and the Huntsman"
Best Documentary Feature - "How to Survive a Plague"
Best Documentary Short - I have absolutely no idea
Best Film Editing - "Life of Pi"
Best Makeup and Hairstyling - "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"
Best Music (Original Score) - "Life of Pi"
Best Music (Original Song) - "…

Saturday Smodcast Share Time: Sider chair 2 parter

This week on Saturday Smodcast share time we have a two parter ready to go for your viewing pleasure, exploring the delightful subject of morbid obesity. I love the animation style of this short its very cutesy which is a good contrast with the usual depraved smodcast debauchery.

Burning Bush: Jokery

Bush jokes are the corner stone of my educations humor. Living through the bush presidency jokes at his expense were a lot of fun and bush had some jokes of his own at are expense. Check it out.

Here Bush is with one of his impersonators doing a little show for we the American public how humorous.

Here's one of Obama's  best Bush jokes and Bush firing back with his own quips at himself. George Bush wasn't a great president but he can deliver a joke.

Tuesday Tunes--My Top 25 Bands: 23. Deathspell Omega

Deathspell Omega

SCORES (Out of 25)
-Overall Positive Output: 3
-Overall Enjoyment: 3
-Good v. Bad Output: 8
-Popular Appeal: 1
-Best Album: 13
-Mixtape Factor: 3

If you thought Funeral Diner wasn't for everyone, wait til you get a load of this band. Deathspell Omega is a very deeply spiritual French black metal band (although even calling them black metal doesn't even begin to do them justice). I heard about them at a time when I was listening to a lot of black metal (not the lame ass Cradle of Filth type stuff but real, raw, lo-fi, harsh, abrasive black metal deeply rooted in true Satanism which is more like a spiritual hatred of mankind) and my good friend Rudo introduced me to them and, at the time, made me promise not to show them to anyone because very few people will "get" this kind of music and don't really deserve to hear it if they won't fully appreciate it. We were young back then. I'm sure he wouldn't care about me sharing them now (…

Saturday Smodcast Share Time: Toy Story and Neeson's cock

Welcome back to Smodcast share time this week we have some very funny smodco cartoons. The first is titled Schindler's Toybox and is a parody of sorts of Toy Story 3 and Schindler's list.

Over on Hollwood Babble-on Kev and Ralph are often talking about Schindler's dingus. Kev and Ralph love to tell jokes about the reported enormity of Liam Neeson's cock.

This fan made compilation of Liam Neeson cock jokes is one of my favorites as well.

Burning Bush: W's Black History

Since it's black history month, here on burning bush. I'd like to think about how George W will be thought of in regards to black people. Their are not a lot of things about Katrina one can laugh at, the storm damage and the lives lost are a great tragedy. However, Mike Myers expression at hearing Kanye West so passionately go off prompter an proclaim "George Bush does not care about black people", is hilarious and classic. The entire delivery and set up to this clip and Myers reaction seems to perfect to be unscripted and yet it was.

George W Bush will then go on to tell  the today show what he thought of the incident and Kanye will respond back. 

Tuesday Tunes--My Top 25 Bands: 24. Funeral Diner

Funeral Diner

SCORES (Out of 25)
-Overall Positive Output: 2
-Overall Enjoyment: 2
-Good v. Bad Output: 12
-Popular Appeal: 2
-Best Album: 6
-Mixtape Factor: 4

Generally when people nowadays talk about how much they love "screamo", I have to cringe a little bit because I know that usually what they're talking about is not actually screamo (or anyway, it's not the original definition of screamo but rather the genre title currently assigned to the legions of bands that combine the screaming and energy of hardcore with the catchy hooks, bad poetry, and whiny singing of many pop punk and indie pop bands). Funeral Diner does not sound like those bands. This is "real" screamo, so to speak. Truly emotionally raw, dark, melodic, sometimes discordant, sometimes sparse, sometimes jangly or even twinkly; always powerful and captivating.

They scored low on Overall Positive Output simply because they didn't produce very many songs in their time as a band. They …

Saturday Smodcast Share Time: Sexy Time

As often happens when listening to a smodcast show often the subject of discussion will veer towards that of a sexual nature. So todays smodco cartoon show selections are all about such sensual encounters. Our first offering is Scotty Mo and Fat Kev talking about the possibilty of traveling through time and having a three way with yourself.

This next premium smodcast animation features the exploits of Kevin Smith's wife Jen. Jen and Kev have an outstanding podcast called plus one which is extemely entertaining. Especially their episode with wrestling legend Mick Foley. Another plus on fav is called the jengularity.


My favorite late night talk show catholic Stephen Colbert had the pleasure of roasting the president to his face. It is aclassic moment in history to me, that could only happen in America. Thank our fore fathers for the first ammendment because it is amazing to be able to say these jokes in front of  the ruler of a nation. This is why Colbert gets his own delicious Ben and Jerry's flavor he is fearless.

Saturday Smodcast Share Time: The Knock Off

If you've enjoyed the previous smodcast share time blog posts I've done, this one will be a slight departure. Thus far, I have only featured official Smodcast Internet Television cartoons. As you will see this next clip is a fan made version of a smodcast show. 

The other unofficial Smodcartoon that capture's my fancy. This is a very rusty semi-crude in a sort of southpark style way, animation for the intro of one of my favorite Kevin Smith podcasts FATMAN ON BATMAN. I love his Fatman on Batman podcasts their the first podcast of his I ripped though before jumping onto smodcast. On the podcast Kev talks with Paul Dini master Batman writer on several episodes. The topic is always some apect of the Dark Knight and the people who make the stories of the bat. Some of my favorite episodes are the two dedicated to DiedrichBader, and another two MarkHamill episodes that make you feel like you've experienced a hangout sesh with Mark Hamill.

The last bootleg for your docket…

Burning Bush: Bush Never Flip Flops

I hat the term flip flop. But I love the shoe flip flop. Here George W is George Bush in 2000 on the campaign trail. Bush paints a picture of America I very much agree with. Unfortuantely he didn't act likes all. Ughh.