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GCW high Incident Briscoes vs SGC Scaffold Match Commentary Track

D-rock and Stephen lay down a commentary track for The Briscoes vs SGC main event of GCW The Old Me April 23rd 2022. The High Incident match aka Scaffold match. We remember and dedicate this pod to Jay Briscoe. We treasure the great legacy he left us to watch. Listen along with us and sync it up with the match.  Hear this up!!!

Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) Commentary Track

Stephen, Dani, D-rock, and Andres celebrate the vundacast tradition of a jason movie commentary track to celebrate Friday the 13th. In preparaion for Ghostface going to New York we see how big of a bite Jason Voorhees took out of the big apple. We posit ways to improve the Jason in New York formula, we celebrate the films best moemnts, and more murderous pranks ensue.  Hear this up!!!

Interview with Casper Kelly Writer/ Director of Adult Swim Yule Log

Stephen , Dani, and D-rock interview Casper Kelly the Writer/Director of Adult Swim Yule Log.  They discuss Caper's career at Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, co-creating Stroker and Hoop and You're Pretty Face is Going to Hell, writing on Harvey Birdman, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Squidbillies. Stephen aslo must discuss Casper working with Gary Coleman on Night of the Living Doo, and the Scooby-Doo Project (Blair Witch Parody) we watched back in October. Plus we dive deep into the behhind the scens aspects of his epic 16 day shoot and tight production schedule to deliever Adult Swim Yule Log/The Fireplace one of the most wild, fun, complex, poignant, scary, and fascinating films we've ever seen. Stephen also gets to ask his favorite food related question. Full video Interview will be on our youtube Please sign our petition for a physical release of Adult Swim Yule Log and help spread the word! Hear this up!!!

Adult Swim Yule Log Cast Interview with Spoilers - Vundacast 217

Stephen , Dani , and D-rock are joined by actors Tordy Clark , Sean Hankinson , Andrea Laing (joins at the 32 minute mark), Danielia Maximillian ,  Justin Miles , and  Skye Passmore  from the groundbreaking secret horror film Adult Swim Yule Log/The Fireplace by writer/director Casper Kelly streaming on HBOMax right now. We nerd out with the cast, talk about the films production, the insane story they were able to tell in a 16 day shoot with a 5 month turn around time from shooting to delivered film. We also find out what are the best snacks on set that got them through filming. This is a playlist of other works and appearances by the cast. Full episode with video is over on our youtube page Vundacast Productions Hear this up!!!

D-Rock's Top 22 Albums of 2022

22. PVA - BLUSH This is such a unique and infectious sound that I can't help listening to it over and over. Part EDM, part EBM, part industrial, part synth punk, and so much more. I can see how some people might be turned off by the vocals and I would definitely love more variety in the vocal performance but I think it lends a very cool aesthetic to the whole thing that you wouldn't necessarily get from a more dynamic vocal, which I think sets it apart. More than that, it's danceable and catchy but dark and abrasive and blends it all together beautifully. 21. Quadeca - I Didn't Mean to Haunt You This one didn't really hit me right away but I kept thinking about it and wanting to replay it and really process everything that was going on and once I did I couldn't deny it a spot on my list. Art pop is such a challenging genre to do well because it's so easy to be derivative but it's also so easy to go WAY too far outside the box and the line between the two