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Tenacious D: Rize of the Fenix Super Biased Fan Review

Tenacious D: Rize of the Fenix Super Biased Fan Review Tenacious D has a new cd called Rize of the Fenix and you should own it. Why? Because they are the fucking tits, sir. First, a Tenacious D awesome fact: Did you know they had a cameo in BIO-Dome , a super guilty pleasure movie of mine from my adolesence starring Stevie Baldwin and Paulie Shore. I hope I didn't scare you off by opening a review of their new 2012 cd with a Bio-Dome reference. Don't worry, I'll save it right now and let the D's music speak for itself. For a Full opinion of my love for the D and the new Rize of the Fenix album click read more

Coming SOON

 Coming SOON I'd like to use my blog this Vundablog to promote new and unique movies, ideas, music, etc. Everything. Why? Because everyone makes remakes nowadays. It's lazy. You should make makes. New things or at least your version of old ideas and stand on your own. So with that thought and intentioin in mind. Hopefully, Coming SOON will be the place to express promotion for the under promoted. One of my favorite films is They Live. For reasons like this. Thanks to the always entertaining on point Russ Fischer of one of my favorite sites I have come across this fascinating trailer. This is on my need to watch list of 2012. Iwant to actively support interesting unique special looking films like this one enjoy this trailer for Branded. It has a total They Live feel, with hints of the Matrix, or and Alex Proyas film, or Terry Gilliam film right?

Politicus Thoughtasuarus

I have always been taught the significance of a good political cartoon. I have had several history teachers that would love to bombard me with political cartoons in classes, to better understand historical and political debates in the time period of study. Healthcare is an issue of importance to all Americans. It's a polarizing issue and there are no right answers. However, there is common sense, which I think many people feel our governement doesn't have much of these days.  Thanks to the fine people at Kaiser Health News  this wonderful cartoon by Jen Sorensen is making its way around the web. I love the simplicity of it. Politicians make it sound unreasonable that the government should pay for peoples healthcare when the government already pays for theirs. I'm going to have to keep this cartoonist on my radar now. Click over for the rest of the four page cartoon explaining the pitfalls of the individual healthcare market, especially for small business owners