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tHe ReAd PiLe - 2/27/08

Nice collections of books this week. Some of the usual favorites Blue Beetle, JSA, and Teen Titans. Some brand spanking new books Kick-Ass, Project Superpowers, and Doctor Who. It's a great week to start reading comics.   #1 BLUE BEETLE #24- I'm so hyped about this comic. This is the most consistently fun comic out there. Everyone should be reading this. #2 ACTION COMICS #862- More Legion of  Superheroes! This story is probably, thus far, the best Superman story I've ever read. Geoff Johns is god. #3 TEEN TITANS #56- Blue Beetle's in this issue and Kid Devil throws a party. This has the makings of a classic. #4 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #13- I love this cover. It's very old school with the floating head pantheon eyeing the cover. #5 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 9- Don't know what to expect. #6 STAR TREK ALIENS SPOTLIGHT ROMULANS- I'm a Trekkie and IDW is producing some really fantastic Star Trek stories. Alien Spotlight has

Merry Marvelite or Citizen of the DC Nation?

When I first entered the world of comic books, I never thought that I would have an alleigance for one company more than another. As time progressed though, I noticed a shift in my pull list. My affiliation became quite clear. I'm a DC guy. Don't get me wrong I read Marvel . I love Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Gambit. However when it comes to overall universe DC wins. Why DC? Escapism. DC recently is more escapist. In the Marvel Universe, I have to worry about politics. The moral and ethical implications of the superhuman registration act . Over at the Distiguished Competition my biggest worry is whether an alien invasion of power ring toting facists is going to conquer the universe and kill Hal Jordan.   No more 90's . I was not buying comics in the 90's, but I feel I've read enough about it to realize thats prabably a great thing.  Marvel to me feels like it's still bogged down in the montony of 90's comics. There are dark character turns for wholeso

THE Read Pile - 2/17/08

#1 UMBRELLA ACADEMY APOCALYPSE SUITE #6(OF 6) - Like my last post saids this is the most creative book I've ever read. I'm probably going to end up reading this in the parking lot of my comic shop. #2 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #18 - Didn't like the last issue and this is continuing that storyline. I like Burnett writing the stories in theory, cause he did such good work on the JLU cartoon, but issue 17 didn't click with me. Hopefully this issue will turn around and prove me wrong. #3 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 10 - Yay! We're all on apokolips and brother eye is doing things I don't understand. #4 MIGHTY AVENGERS #9 - Two Words: Doctor Doom! #5 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #10 - What a great book we get to see character's rarely used. Teaming up with the best of the best and their is absolutley no limits as to when and where a story can take place. I hope this book is around for a long time and George Perez is on it forever.

Near miss!

I almost missed one of the most fun comics I have ever read. Since september I have been seeing this mini-series called The Umbrella Academy come out. I don't know why, but in my brain I kept on passing over the book, never giving it a second glance. I assumed it had something to do with Resident Evil and their Umbrella Corporation . Boy was I wrong. I was watching old videos of Comic Book Club when their mention of The Umbrella Academy finally got my attention. Partly, because they said that their was a hero whose super power was that what ever rumor she said became a reality, and partly because they mentioned Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. I have no shame in admitting my emoness and saying that I am a huge My Chemical Romance fan. I have been listening to the band since 2003. I think that Way(their lead singer) is a genius, his lyrics are always thought provoking and he is quite adept at turning a clever phrase. So I go into pick up my comics on Friday and almo

THE Read Pile - 2/10/08

Wow! What an awesome week. The top 5 books are my monthly faves. That means that next week is probably gonna stink.  #1 BOOSTER GOLD #0 - I've never read the actual zero hour mini-series this ties into. I've read summaries and reviews on it and don't reall y feel like it'll be a must read to enjoy this issue.  In fact I feel like Booster Gold might be the best book to help new readers in on dc history. #2 GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #5 - I love Green Arrow and I never know where this book is going. I have no idea what to expect from this book other than high quality. #3 SALVATION RUN #4  (OF 7) - This book is pretty good thus far. I just hope we see a little more action from the Flash rogues. #4 NEW AVENGERS #38 - This book is still holding my interest. I'm still kind of pissed that it is absolutely nothing like the comic that it was in issue #1. #5 GREEN LANTERN CORPS  #21 - The Alpha Lanterns are going to make the Green Lanterns life more compl

Chorus of Comics part. 1 animated edition

If I'm all alone when I'm reading comics I usually read out loud. Doing my best impersonation of every character's voice. Like when I read Green Arrow, there is no other voice that fits as perfectly and as uniquely as Kin Shriner. His gravelly voice makes the character seem honest and real. I also use Kin's voice for Tony Stark when I read Mighty Avengers or Iron Man. Also of note, is Jeffrey Combs performance as The Question. Although the question died in 52. I've kept my Jeffrey combs impersonation alive in the DCU as both the new Doctor Fate,  and Dr. Will Magnus.  In the Marvel U I find he's a pretty good Mr. Fantastic. When it come to X-men my two faves Gambit and Wolverine always sound like this. Thank you Chris Potter and Cal Dodd. While were on the subject of X-men I am fond of Brad Swaile as Nightcrawler. He gave a terrific performance in X-men: Evolution. Giving Nightcrawler the innocence and cheerfulness that

THE Read Pile - 2/06/08

This week's read pile is a short one. Thank god, my cash flow is low. This looks like a pretty sweet week even though there are only seven books I'm interested in.   1. TWELVE #2 (OF 12) - The first issue of this mini was ridiculously entertaining. I hope it stays up to that level. I love the characters thus far especially the secretly gay hero Dynamic Man. I can't wait to see how his story unfolds. I haven't done any research on this book but i'm curious to know if all the heroes are original or second rate ww2 characters. 2. JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #12 - This book is strong even if the pace has slowed down a little. 3. ALL NEW ATOM #20 - Ryan Choi rules! I am praying for an All New Atom and Blue Beetle mini(don't these characters seem like they should be friends?) 4. COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 12 - This book is hitting its stride and we are finally in the meat of the story. 5. COUNTDOWN SPECIAL OMAC - this has been the part of count down I've b

Getting into Comics?

This post is for those of you getting into comics and any comics veterans feel welcome to pitch in with tips. 1. Go out to a comic book shop and browse through the rack grab a book that has a cover that calls out to you. 2. Don't be afraid of continuity. We live in the 21st century any question you have about any book you can ask me or other reputable and well read comic book bloggers, or just google or wiki it.  3.  If your not feeling like reading through long blog posts or wikipedia pages of history. I suggest you get a sense of continuity. How? Cartoons. Watch Batman the animated series, Superman the animated series, X-men(90's), Spider-man(90's), and Justice League Unlimited. These cartoons are well done and give you a great introduction to  a lot of  villains and heroes.  4. Figure out what stories you like to read and buy it. There is a comic book for every type of person. 5.  Buy a graphic novel try out the best of the best comics first. The