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I'm working on a short film series now been busy writing directing and creating that. I will be submitting it to film fastivals and also hopefully turning it into a webseries. This is the trailer for it. You can follow it on facebook please or on / i'll keep you all informed. if you want to be a zombie email we'll figure out a way to work you in no matter where you are we are also looking for executive producers and people with funds lol isnt everyone

One Song, Glory

Vaster Than Empires - The Ground Only Moves When You Walk On It - 3:01 - 3:40 is the best moment of my "career" as a musician...the one thing I've created that really sounds like something special to me, like something I want to listen to over and over...if everything I wrote was up to that quality, I'd be off to a good start...and I didn't even write that part came organically during a jam session Reisner and I were having after practice...when I'm famous, that will be a trivia question, trust me...