Monday, September 30, 2013

The Road to #HELLINACELL -- Week 2 (Raw 9/23)


Come on, dude: So we open Raw with the 10 guys who saved Daniel Bryan on Raw last week (RVD, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, The Usos, Primetime Players, R-Truth, Zach Ryder, and Justin Gabriel, whom I will henceforth refer to as the Proletariat) all lined up on stage for what appears to be another of Hunter's delightful town hall meetings.  Trips and Steph come out and WELCOME the crowd to MONDAY NIGHT RAW like so many Vinces past, complete with Steph all-too-conspicuously dropping a cheap "GREAT TO BE HERE IN (CURRENT CITY)!"  Long story short, it turns out they brought the Proletariat out to thank them for "taking matters into [their] own hands" and "finally being men" as if this were all some elaborate test.  HHH adds that he's sure it had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan but RVD cuts him off to inform him that they were, in fact, fighting for D-Bry.  "Wow," HHH exclaims, musing that he's never heard of a wrestler fighting FOR another wrestler to be champion rather than fighting to BECOME champ.  An increasingly-less-rare valid point for 3xH but nonetheless he decides to give the Proletariat what they want, which of course is a match similar to the one Vickie made on Smackdown except equally unfair the other way--an 11-on-3 handicap elimination match against the Shield.  Hunter explains that the reasons the Proletariat are upset are all the fault of the Shield who have "run roughshod" over the WWE "since they walked in the door", totally throwing them under the bus to placate the Proletariat.  Check out the "wtf Hunter" faces on the Shield at the end of this segment...priceless:

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hobbitcore's College Football Corner (Week 5)

Last Week
Overall: 8-2
Upsets: 2-1 (Wisconsin wasn't even close to an upset so that's the loss)

Overall: 26-6
Upsets: 5-2


-This week's biggest headline happened off the field when Electronic Arts (EA) Sports announced Thursday that there would be no college football video game next year (what would have been "NCAA Football '15") due to ongoing legal issues with the NCAA.  Basically, several organizations including EA and the NCAA are being sued by thousands of student-athletes both past and present for the use of their names and/or likenesses in "NCAA Football."  Every organization has settled but the NCAA, who vows to continue the fight to keep their slaves--er, student ath-o-leets--from seeing any of the massive profits they generate for any number of organizations including the NCAA themselves.  Moreover, it remains unclear whether the plaintiffs who are active student athletes will be allowed under NCAA rules to collect the settlement money or if it will be set aside. hereby expresses our solidarity with the fast-growing "All Players United" (APU) movement calling for reforms to the antiquated NCAA rules outlawing player compensation and also calling upon the NCAA to dedicate more attention to issues of player safety--specifically concussions.

And, in the words of Pat Forde:

Shame on Northwestern, Georgia Tech for trying to stifle 'All Players United' movement

-That was pretty much the only headline in what has to be one of the WORST WEEKS OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL EVER.  Jesus Christ.  I mean, I'm probably one of the biggest college football fans on Earth and even I was bored out of my mind this past Saturday.  Thank the Football Gods that this week is here to save us from the mind-numbing drudgery of last week's lineup of games.

-In fact, last week was so dull that the most interesting thing that happened was that it was BLOWOUT DAY IN FLORIDA!  No, but seriously, with the exception of FAU losing in OT and Florida's 14-point win over Tennessee, there were four games last week that involved at least one team from Florida and the combined score of those games was...wait for it...
to be specific...
-Ohio State 76, Florida A&M 0 (A&M had 80 total yards)
-Louisville 72, Florida International 0 (FIU had 30 total yards...THIRTY...LESS THAN HALF THE NUMBER OF POINTS LOUISVILLE SCORED...but yeah, good call firing Mario Cristobal, guys...)
-Miami (FL) 77, Savannah State 7 (this was the score at the end of the third was so bad, both coaches agreed to a 12 minute 4th quarter...some guy named Gray Crow completed all six of his passes and threw a touchdown...he is the third string QB...I was surprised to learn that he's even on scholarship)
-Florida State 54, Bethune-Cookman 6

Mercifully, this week is chock full of intriguing matchups...sooo...


Friday, September 27, 2013

She said "YES! YES! YES!"

A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to WWE Diva Brie Bella and my favorite professional wrestler for nearly a decade, BRYAN DANIELSON (a.k.a. "Daniel Bryan").  

They just got ENGAGED!

B&R: Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Road to #HELLINACELL -- Week 1 (Raw 9/16 & Smackdown 9/21)

RAW 9/16/13

Daniel Bryan is Going to Fight: Well the ununthinkable happened on Raw just like we all knew it would.  HHH did an expert job breaking down the "800 lb gorilla that is sitting in the room" (Trips, if you're going to use a cliche, use the damn cliche, don't try to "spruce it up" or whatever) of the fast count on Daniel Bryan's title win at Night of Champions like a sportscaster breaking down a coach's challenge in football.  Showing Scott Armstrong's "normal cadence" was a particularly nice touch.  An even nicer touch was Armstrong turning to Bryan and saying "they got us Daniel" and HHH holding this up as indisputable evidence of a conspiracy between Bryan and Armstrong (as Bryan desperately insists he doesn't know what Armstrong is talking about but who the hell cares) and proceeding to mercilessly berate him about embarrassing himself and the company and disgracing the title and a plague on his house.  Hunter announces that the WWE title will be "held in a state of abeyance" (because I guess that somehow makes this different from all the times the title has been "vacated") and eventually fires Scott Armstrong, promising him a very generous severance package and repeatedly insisting he will "take care" of him.  It seems pretty well implied here that the conspiracy is between HHH and Armstrong rather than Bryan and Armstrong but we'll have to see how all that plays out.

When we return from commercial, we're backstage and Orton is seething that he's not having the title handed back to him but he gets silenced by Steph who goes Full Linda Blair on Orton's ass, screaming like some sort of demon that Orton deserved to lose and that they want to see the old Randy--the vicious Viper who handcuffed HHH and DDT'd Steph.  Who showed no morality merorse.  Anyway.  More on that later.

I would have liked to have seen Bryan actually hold the belt hostage until Battleground but I still really like what they're doing with him, contrary to the beliefs of much of the "smark" community who thinks WWE is neutering Daniel Bryan.  That's just crazy talk.  Bryan is the perennial underdog and the most over guy on the roster by far and he's currently the centerpiece of the main WWE narrative.  Belts are just storytelling props, D-Bry has been "champion" of WWE since he went solo.

So now there will be a rematch in three weeks (now two weeks) at Battleground.  I hate the awkwardness of having another PPV three weeks later and ANOTHER one three weeks later.  As is to be expected, it's going to be comprised of almost entirely rematches.  Seriously, how are they possibly charging people for this?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hobbitcore's College Football Corner (Week 4)

Last Week: 5-2
Overall: 18-4
Upsets Last Week: N/A
Upsets Overall: 3-1

Doing great so far but most of the picks so far have been pretty easy (and I got lucky with the Canes/Gators upset pick)


-Obviously, the big story of the week was #1 Alabama travelling to #6 Texas A&M for an epic SEC West showdown that was almost every bit as epic as it was billed to be.  It started in somewhat similar fashion to last year's game with A&M jumping out to an early 14-0 lead midway through the first quarter.  This time, however, the Tide answered back furiously with five consecutive touchdowns over the course of the next 23 minutes (spanning three quarters, including a 21 point 2nd quarter), capped off by a spectacular 73-yard interception return for a TD by Vinnie Sunseri.  Unfortunately for the Aggies (and for Johnny Football's Johnny Heisman hopes), that pick-six and a horrible interception thrown by Manziel on the goal line when it was tied at 14 were the one and only difference in this game, which was only in doubt when the Aggies stormed back in the 4th, highlighted by a 95 yard TD pass from Manziel to WR Mike Evans (7 rec 279 yds and just the one TD somehow) that made it 42-35 with 8:04 to go.  The Tide made short work of said doubt, however, when they marched 65 yards in over five and a half minutes in a classic Saban scoring drive to make it 49-35 with 2:28 remaining.  Manziel certainly has time to claw back into the Heisman race which is wide open after a few underwhelming performances against inferior teams by Tajh Boyd but he can't make such crucial errors at such crucial times.  Moments like these define the Heisman race and separate Heisman candidates from Heisman winners.

-Although it was overshadowed by other captivating stories, one of the biggest stories of the weekend, as far as I'm concerned, was the travesty that took place in Tempe.  Here's the scene: Wisconsin had just scored a TD in a 32-24 game to make it 32-30 but after missing the two point conversion, they stopped the Sun Devils and got the ball back with 1:36 left at their own 17.  QB Joel Stave drives the Badgers down to the Arizona State 13 with 18 seconds left.  What happens next was a massive clusterfuck.  Stave snaps the ball and runs between the two hash marks to set up the field goal--only it doesn't appear that he actually touched his knee to the ground.  Some of the ASU players jump on the ball, thinking it's live, but the refs rule him down and try to reset the ball.  At least one ASU player stays on top of the ball long after the whistle is blown and the play is ruled dead, which should have been a delay of game penalty.  Then, the refs take forever to reset the ball, leaving Wisconsin with exactly a second to snap the ball and spike it, which, of course, they failed to do.  After a short conference in front of basically the entire Wisconsin team screaming at them, the refs said fuck the lemons and bailed.  I've never seen anything like it in 20+ years of watching football.  Shame on you, Pac-12 officials.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Road to #HELLINACELL -- Prologue

It's a very exciting time here at!  You see, we recently bought ourselves two tickets to something neither of us have ever seen live and in person: a WWE pay-per-view event.  That event is none other than the yearly HELL IN A CELL pay-per-view which is happening October 27th at the American Airlines Arena.  Not only is this awesome in its own right, but it also hugely magnifies the importance of the events of the next six weeks of Raw and Smackdown episodes as they build up to an event we will actually be part of and experience firsthand (I'm not counting Battleground because it's stupid; you can't build up a PPV in 3 weeks so I'm just treating it like one of those TNA free PPVs because fuck WWE).  SIX weeks is a particularly long, slow, epic build for a wrestling pay-per-view and we're so excited about this that we decided to take you all along with us on the journey to HELL IN A CELL!

Let's set the stage before it all begins in just a few short minutes...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hobbitcore's College Football Corner (Week 3)

Last Week: 6-1
Overall: 13-2
Upsets Last Week: 1-0
Upsets Overall: 3-1



-Honestly, if you would have asked me if I'd rather see the Miami Heat three-peat or the 'Canes beat the Gators, I would have had to think about it.  Not a lot of people really get that this is even a rivalry or why (particularly Gator fans who think the pre-Tebow college football universe is basically BCE and have the historical context of the common pet dog) but for those of us that KNOW our history, this rival is bigger than FSU--or at least far more bitter.  The reason being, as Lamar Thomas so eloquently put it: "I respect those guys (Florida State) because they kept us on the schedule...unlike the Gators."

I realized that I said last week that I've waited ten years for this--twice--and never explained what that meant.  I've been a 'Canes fan since I was about 5-6 years old (although my fandom has wavered in its intensity but, weirdly, in almost the opposite pattern of fairweather fandom).  I was there for the 1992 Orange Bowl in like the 4th or 5th row--which, it turns out, is the worst place ever to watch because the first 5 rows or so were all flat on the ground so we went home probably sometime in the third quarter when the game was already pretty well in hand.  I was there for Wide Right II.  I went to numerous games in the OB (many in the skybox since my mom worked for the official bank of the 'Canes, First Union) as well as numerous OB games in the mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s.  I was there when Edgerrin James racked up 299 yards to beat #2 UCLA in a 1999 season finale that had been postponed from early in the season due to an ACTUAL hurricane.  

I remember how that win springboarded the 'Canes into a surprising 11-1 record in 2000.  I was in the skybox for Wide Right III and I remember when FSU played for the national championship instead of us anyway.  I also remember that our consolation prize was a date with the Gators in the Sugar Bowl.  I hadn't been this excited for a UM game in years.  My dad raised my on UM football and he remembered the days when they played every year and he remembered when they took us off the schedule after getting pantsed by the 1987 UM championship team 31-4 citing a "demanding SEC schedule" or whatever.  I taped the 2001 Sugar Bowl (as in VHS).  I still have the tape somewhere.  I'll never forget the score: Miami 37, Florida 20.

It was a nice preview for a home-and-home scheduled for 2002 (in Gainesville) and 2003 (in Miami), the former dominated by the 'Canes 41-16 and the latter dominated by the Gators 33-10 until Brock Berlin woke up in the third quarter and completed 18 of his next 20 passes on the way to a 38-33 'Canes victory.  The last time they would play for a couple years was the 2004 Peach Bowl, which Miami won 27-10.  By this time, my fandom had grown dormant (starting at a performing arts high school in 1999 slowly eroded my interest in sports as time went on.  At least for a while.

In September 2005, for whatever reason, I randomly decided to start caring about UM football again.  They started the year against FSU, so that helped.  It wasn't long before they announced a home-and-home series with UF for 2008 and 2013.  At the time, it seemed like a lifetime away.  When 2008 rolled around, there was no question I was going to the game in Gainesville.  My dad and I had had season tickets for the final season in the Orange Bowl (2007; yes, I was there for the 47-0 stomping by Virginia in the final OB game) and we renewed them for 2008 in Sun Life Stadium which meant we got dibs on discount tickets to one road game.  So me and 4 of my good friends (2 Gators, 2 'Canes) took an awesome road trip up for the game.  It was actually a pretty tough game for a while--it was still 9-3 Gators going into the 4th quarter.  But then some calls started breaking for the Gators and it just got a little out of hand.  Urban Meyer kicked a FG to make it 26-3 with less than a minute left because of course he did.

Ever since then, I'd been waiting for this.  21-16.  5 turnovers.  Never Forget.

-Meanwhile, in non-Florida news: The futures of both Les Miles and Oklahoma State University football are in serious trouble right now.  At least if the exhaustive report by Sports Illustrated is to be believed.  Over the last few days, SI has slowly revealed allegations of pay-for-play schemesacademic misconductwidespread drug use and trafficking, sex between recruits and members of the school's hostess program, and  during the Les Miles era at Oklahoma State and beyond.  Granted, we've been here before with the whole Nevin Shapiro thing but this is different.  This is coming straight from the mouths of former Oklahoma State players.  If everything SI is reporting is true, it's hard to imagine how Oklahoma State avoids the death penalty or Les Miles keeps his job.  In fact, I firmly believe that if this leads the NCAA to investigate the LSU program and perhaps even some other programs in the SEC (which it really should), then there's likely to be a great tectonic shift in the landscape of college football.  The BCS conference commissioners are already seriously looking at a divorce from the NCAA in favor of a new legislative body--and they have the power and the money to do it, too.  If the Big XII and SEC are about to get blown up, it might just accelerate the process.  This is definitely a story to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

CLICK READ MORE FOR PICKS ON A&M/Bama, UCLA/Nebraska, and Oregon/Tennessee

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MIX CD: "Sing Along Forever"

1. Bad Meets Evil - Lighters
2. fun. - Some Nights
3. Andre 3000 - Hey Ya!
4. The Ataris - Boys of Summer (Don Henley cover)
5.Paramore - For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
6. Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down
7. The Get Up Kids -Ten Minutes
8. Yellowcard - October Nights
9. A New Found Glory - Hit or Miss
10. Less Than Jake - Gainesville Rock City
11. Reel Big Fish - The Setup (You Need This)
12. Weezer - Holiday
13. Drive-By Truckers - The Righteous Path
14. Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth
15.Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
16. Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
17. The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
18. Boston - Piece of Mind
19. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
20. The Beatles - Hey Jude (version from Cirque du Soleil: LOVE)

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I've supported Headlocked and I'd like you too as well. They have less than two days left they've surpassed their goal showing that a lot of people believe in this series. I can't wait to read more about the Last Territory. These previews and articles and endorsements are all I have to entice me. I hope it entices you to donate to their kickstarter. 


The Comeback who I believe is Dr. Destruction is one of my favorites cause he looks like Freddie Mercury. 

They even have a Nazi wrestler.

and our hero Mike 

Please donate every bit helps make great comics. 

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Christopher Nolanized Trailer


Heat Resign Michael Beasley

Ok I'm a little afraid right now but I trust in the Riles...


A sad day in the world of fake fighting. You will be missed, ol' JR. 

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Hobbitcore's College Football Corner (Week 2)

Last Week: 7-1
Overall: 7-1
Upsets Last Week: 2-1
Upsets Overall: 2-1


The most hateful rivalry that most people don't really know exists

-So, it's Gators/Canes week.  The matchup I've waited ten years for.  Twice.  See, I was raised on Hurricanes football since I was six years old by an old school Canes fan who remembers the days when these two teams used to clash every year much like both teams do with Florida State.  The winner of the yearly game would receive the War Canoe Trophy--a several hundred pound solid wood trophy in the shape of a canoe.  Unfortunately, in 1987, in the midst of The U's decade of dominance, the Gators decided that their SEC schedule was simply too demanding and they canceled the yearly series with the Canes.  It seems that even now in the era of the 12 game regular season (the customary number was 11 not too long ago), the Gators not only need to be able to play 7 home games and only 4 away games (plus a neutral site game against Georgia) but they also need to be able to pile 3 cupcakes on top of FSU in their non-conference schedule--in just the four years since the first game of this home-and-home, the Gators' non-FSU non-conference opponents have been: Bowling Green, Louisiana-Lafayette, Jacksonville State, FAU, UAB, Furman, Miami (OH), South Florida, Appalachian State, Charleston Southern, Troy, and FIU.  Anyway...

"No I won't sign an autograph for you!"

-Well, I guess we're going to have to get used to whatever Johnny Manziel does being the big news story of the week in college football.  It's kind of interesting because I'm noticing a divide opening up between traditionalist college football fans and pundits who think the guy is a disgrace and an insult to the game and the younger fans who love his brash, fun-loving style.  I tend to side with the latter.  Some guys just play better when they get a little emotional from time to time and I really think his personality is a big part of his game.  He's gonna have to work on that if he wants to play in the NFL but he's in college, let the kid enjoy himself.

Heisman frontrunner after a signature win

-If it weren't for Johnny Football, the big story of the week would have been Clemson's convincing win over Georgia.  Clemson may have needed that more than any other program in the country and the ACC needed that more than any conference.  Now they've beaten LSU and Georgia in their last two games and have established themselves as a legitimate national title contender.  The real test will be if they can keep it up through the rest of the season and not have a "Clemson moment."


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Writing Wasted Youth.

I've been trying to write this film since 2006. I've done a ton of brainstorming in that time. I've even started writing it like this before. I have 67 pages of it. Some of the 67 I still like and still works. So I started combining it with the three scenes I've written since that last post. Now I have the first eleven pages of my script written towards a first draft. Today I will take an hour and put it toward the script. I'm sharing with you a pic of my brainstorming a Wasted Youth logo.