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Netflix's "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" Retrospective: Season Four

Here we go, people. Season One set the pieces in motion. Seasons Two and Three dove deeper. Now we turn to Season Four--where SH*T GETS REAL. Angella is gone and Glimmer is coming to terms with her new responsibilities and powers (both royal and magical). Adora's struggle with her destiny and her place in the world is coming to a head as she searches for Mara's lost ship in hopes it contains the answers she's looking for. Catra nearly broke the world and seemingly has herself become even more broken after Adora laid it all bare to her with eight simple words: "You made your choice. Now live with it." Horde Prime is on the way and Hordak is motivated to take a more active role to prove himself to his brother, pushing Catra aside in the process. And so much more! Let's dive in...

Netflix's "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" Retrospective: Seasons Two & Three

Welcome to Part 2 of our three-part She-Ra retrospective! Today we're looking at Seasons Two and Three (because according to the show's creator, Noelle Stevenson, they were written as one complete season). With the Princess Alliance united and Catra taking her place as Hordak's second-in-command (but still feeling pushed aside thanks to Entrapta and Hordak's budding relationship), these episodes take a deep dive into the themes and narratives introduced in Season One. Adora's continued path to finding her place and purpose. Catra's perpetual state of being caught up in cycles of abuse and perpetuating them. Power dynamics and fear of failure and so much more. But perhaps my favorite aspect of these episodes is their exploration of science through the character of Entrapta...

Netflix's "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" Retrospective: Season One

It's SHE-RA WEEK here at the Vundacast. This Friday, the fifth and final season of this absolute treasure of a television show will be hitting Netflix and it promises to be something to behold. If the first four seasons of storytelling, which have all been leading to this, are any indication, we might be talking about She-Ra and the Princesses of Power as one of the greatest children's television shows of all time--if not one of the greatest television shows, period--by the time this final season is all said and done. So, to celebrate, this week at the Vundacast we will be posting season-by-season thematic/narrative retrospectives (season one today, season two & three tomorrow, and season four on Thursday) to reflect back on the journey leading up to this final season and the narratives and themes that have been explored and likely will be continued to be explored and hopefully given proper closure.

We begin today with Season 1...

In Pictures: The She-Ra Season 5 Trailer Just Dropped and we REALLY TRULY CANNOT RIGHT NOW

I was gonna do a whole "intro paragraph" thing but I just can't y'all, I am WAY TOO EXCITED right now. The trailer for the fifth and final season of Noelle Stevenson's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix just dropped and I am EXTREMELY SHOOK by what I've seen. There are so many things going on here so let's take it all in chronological order...

The World Turned Upside Down (The WrestleMania That Wasn't)

The world has changed. And it's still changing. In this new reality that has been thrust upon our country and our world, it feels a lot like we're living through September 12th, 2001 over and over like Groundhog's Day. Concerts, live theatre, sports, and all other large gatherings have shut down. Everything, that is, except professional wrestling.

Just to get this out of the way: this is not a piece about why wrestling forging on In the Time of Corona is or is not a good idea. I assume we've all heard the rumors about this decision to continue being more about a certain chairman's ego and we can all agree that continuing to produce wrestling shows is an extremely risky decision that is bound up with the impossible demands late stage capitalism places on all of us--and furthermore, I hope we can all agree that if wrestlers had a union anywhere near as powerful as the NBAPA, NFLPA, NHLPA, etc. things might look a lot different. But setting all that aside, let's …

Vundacast 4/20 Hall of Fame -- RVD

Our next Hall Of Fame Stoner has held a slew of wrestling championships but it is his advocacy of marijuana and stoner persona of RVD make Rob a Hall of Fame Stoner.