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Stephen and D-rock review AEW Dynamite that aired on 1/20/21. The Inner Circle Tag Team Match, Cody Rhodes vs. Peter Avalon, -1's Birthday Match and many more moments from this episode of Dynamite are enjoyed.  Hear this up!!!

1996's Bio-Dome Podcast

Stephen, Dani and D-rock celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin stoner film Bio-Dome.  Hear this up!!!

Post -Xmas Podcast

Stephen and D-rock talk about the shows and movies that got them through the end of 2020.  Hear this up!!!

Count Down to the New Year By Syncing These Epic Movie Moments at Midnight

Because this is 2020, we know most of us will likely be spending our New Year's Eve at home--but that doesn't mean we can't do something special to celebrate the death of this foul year of our Lord. So here's a list of our favorite movies that sync up to ring in the new year with a big, epic moment and what time you should start watching them on New Year's Eve.  For the best results, we suggest starting the movie, pausing it, setting it to 0:00:00 and unpausing at the time suggested. We also suggest watching these movies on DVD or BluRay if possible because even the most insignificant streaming blips can throw off the timing completely. Cabin in the Woods - 10:30:07 PM If you want to ring in the new year with the Old Gods rising again, hit play on Drew Goddard's modern classic Cabin in the Woods at 10:30:07 PM (10:30 and 7 seconds) and at the stroke of midnight, the giant hand will come crashing down. Fight Club - 9:44:19 PM Perhaps you prefer a more anarchist a

Winter is Came

Stephen and D-rock break down the much anticipated AEW Dynamite Winter Is Coming bout between John Moxley and Kenny Omega. We discuss the episode and speculate on where these storylines may be going.  Hear this up!!!

AEW Winter Is Coming & 2020 Dynamite Review

Stephen and D-rock discuss AEW Wrestling in 2020. Big matches coming up on December 2nd we look at how we got there and our excitement levels on Wednesday nights.  Hear this up!!!