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Flicks for Thought

So this is a big summer at the movies. Somehow it seems to be even bigger than last year's which rocked my world with Live Free or Die Hard(Awesome), Fantastic Four 2(Weak), Transformers(Awesome), 300(Weak), Knocked Up(Awesome),Stardust(Weak), Superbad(Awesome),Spiderman 3(Weak), Pirates 3(Awesome), Simpsons (Meh), and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Meh). All in all an impressive line up but this summer might very well blow it's top off.  So I've decided I'm going to rate my expectations. For a foreseeable failure in the making  I will go with the Flash's weakness. I don't know if it's actually a weakness, but whenever the flash becomes fat it's usually a pretty sucky time for him. So I'm expecting said fat flash flick to be pretty lame and uncomfortable.  For some slight menace I will go with the weakness of wood, that Green Lantern Alan Scott has to suffer. The movie with this description is maybe gonna be kind of cleve

THE READ PILE - 4/23/08

Oh my god! The Read Pile is late this week. My apologies. Work has been crazy haven't had time to write. So if anyone is still interested I give you this week's READ PILE #1 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 1 - Last issue I'm planning on righting a whole post on, because I totally loved it. I think it made countdown worth it. So i'm expecting this issue to stick by comparison, but I am interested. #2 DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #8 (OF 8) - Also, this should tie into countdown 2, so I'm excited to see what the New Gods resolution will be. #3 DYNAMO 5 #12 - I love this book. I wonder how many people read it. If not a lot of people read it, I think I might do some reviews to spur some interest in it. Have you read an issue of Dynamo 5? #4 MIGHTY AVENGER'S #12 SII - Secret Invasion number one review is also on the way. I'm onboard with this. #5 MS MARVEL #26 SII - I picked up the last tie-in because I liked the cover. I dropped Ms. Marvel around


I'm back. Sorry I've been out of the fray for a while. I'm here now and that is what counts. I will now finally get to my overly hyped Young X-men review. I want to review this series in a semi-different way. I want to rate it head to head against the book it more or less sprung out of, New X-men. New X-men is a special comic for me, I intend to talk about this more in depth in the future, but New X-men got me into buying comics weekly and creating an actual pull list. For that it obviously has a special place in my heart. As of right now Young X-men doesn't hold that same high esteem, and is basically just a book I'm picking up(I don't expect to be top of the read pile material). New X-men #1 First off the cover is simply okay. I'm a fan of #1 covers, with like giant ones on it and really dynamic posing. This cover is really mellow all the kids look kind of sleepy and bored not a great way to start off. Inside the book however is everything a fir

the read pile - 4/16/08

Sorry that I haven't been around lately, I've been really busy with work and finals, by the end of this week I will return in full force and address the various loose ends floating around on my blog. #1 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 2 - It is finally here GIANT TURTLE OLSEN! I look forward in seeing Brian's reaction #2 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #12 - The entire DCU teaming up to take down the threat of Megistus, has my interest peeked. Interested to see where the series goes form here. #3 X-MEN DIVIDED WE STAND #1 (OF 2) - This looks really cool. I like the fact they are giving Anole some attention please don't kill him. #4 LONE RANGER #11 - This such a fun book why does it feel like every month it takes longer and longer to get to me. #5 SALVATION RUN #6 (OF 7)- Lex Luthor versus the Joker, this sounded alot more cooler and fun before Grodd fell off a cliff. #6 DC WILDSTORM DREAMWAR #1 (OF 6)- I'm not a big wildstorm fan but seeing them duke

Watchers/Knights of Right

Ladies and Gentleman, I present you with my Infinite Wars Fantasy League Team . The Kn ig hts Of Right!!! My Super crew is led by Green Arrow. Using years of experience leading the arrow family. Green Arrow leads the Knights and keeps them grounded. Managing the personalities in the groups isn't easy, but Ollie is up for the task. Second in command, Luke Cage. Leading the New Avengers is okay, but the chance to be in my pantheon of heroism is an opportunity Luke couldn't turn down. Luke provides the younger members the benefit of his leadership.  Hellboy provides raw brute strength and power to the squad. The indestructible demon spawn rather chill with the Knights than the stuffy BPRD. He makes sure the team doesn't take itself to seriously.  Captain Marvel has been on some of the most powerful super teams ever assembled. But never before has he been called on to be the big gun. If two indestructible team mates can't handle the situatio

the read pile - 4/9/08

#1 BOOSTER GOLD #8 - Anyone who follows the blog, knows how I feel about this Booster Gold series. I'm going to have to come up with something interesting to say about it. #2 TITANS #1 - I'm looking forward to this book. I wish it were written be Geoff Johns based on the fantastic classic era Titans story he did in The Teen Titan's East special. Winnick has to prove himself on this book. #3 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #23 - I'm glad were back to the Mongul storyline. Also with countdown I'm wondering where this epilogue to the Sinestro Corps storyline falls for Kyle during countdown. Is it before or after? #4 GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #7 - I'm digging this book, but the last issue fell a little flat. #5 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #14 - Based on the previews this Gog story line isn't anywhere near done. I am a bit bored by it. Also i wonder if the cover is supposed to be reminiscent to the DC universe promos on purpose . #6 LAST DEFENDERS #

Hells Yeah!!!

Blackmarket Pies  has broken(at least for me) the most amazing news. A new Batman cartoon in the Brave and the Bold style. That Jaime Freaking Reyes is going to appear in! Oh YEAH!!!!! His eyes look a little weird but I think he may just be excited as I am. Blue Beetle fans where you at?

Smack Talk! DC vs. Marvel

I was planning on reviewing Young X-men and I promise I'll do that soon. However, at the moment I feel the need to square off against members of Merry Marvel Marching Society. Over at Pulp Secret  I've gotten guff for feeling that DC does superior cross over work and reacting to Brian Micheal Bendis's interview in the aforementioned link, please read and watch the vid first. First of all as far as Bendis and the interview go, it really pisses me off. I like Bendis's writing, I've enjoyed almost every issue of New Avengers and I enjoy the way he treats Luke Cage. On the other hand, every time I see him speak publicly he comes across to me like the most pompous self righteous ass. Claiming that he doesn't do retcons is ridiculous. Secret Invasion looks like a pure retcon machine. Hank Pym as a skrull seems like the perfect avenue to shed his wife beating past and give him a chance to be heroic once again. Secret Invasion feels to me like the spider clone saga

Chat with me and The Watchers Here and Now

From now on every tuesday night at 10, I will be in the watchers chat room. Watching them and chatting talking movies primarily but if comics come up all the better.  So if you want to chat check it out. I'm going to keep this a recurring theme for a while. type / your nickname to change your name Also check out and join in this .

Links for Spoiled Brats

This may possibly be fake seeing as today is April Fools Day. Slash Film is reporting that the Siegel's obtaining the rights to Superman, which is being talked about all over the internet , has resulted in Siegel signing Superman to Marvel for a Spiderman/Superman team-up movie to be co-directed by Singer and Raimi. Also if anyone has seen Southland Tales they are going to chat it up tonight at geeks of doom and always watching . I'll be there, I did it last week it was a lot of fun.