Tuesday, February 9, 2016

B&R: Batman hearts Catwoman

Chase the one you love down. and give them a kiss  Valentine's day is coming. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

VUNDCAST ch. 68 Mike Kingston Interview & PCFC: Magic City Comic-con Spectacular

On this edition of the Vundacast Stephen interviews Headlocked writer/creator Mike Kingston and later sits down with Mr. J and Blockbuster Guy Frank to talk Magic City Comic-con. With special help form Danielle.

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Check out the slideshows made by Frank for Magic City Comic Con 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fake Fighting #FriendsDay: Top 5 WWE Friendships!

5. The League of Nations

I know, I know, everyone hates these guys. And not even in that good way where you're supposed to hate them--although that too. But I submit to you that there is nothing to hate about a group of immigrants coming together in search of common goals. I mean...mainly they're The Authority's goals. Which is a whole other complicated metaphor. But anyway. This collection of some of the most underrated, bafflingly booked wrestlers in the WWE are model friends. They have common interests and goals, they're loyal, always have each other's backs. Not to mention the fact that they have spent most of their existence as a unit doing the Lord's work (albeit, in vain) of keeping the WWE title out of the hands of Roman Reigns. Plus, come on, Rusev is amazing.

4. The Social Outcasts

I'm just really glad WWE found something to do with all these guys. They have the perfect dynamic: three cocky, weird dudes who just constantly squabble but then the inspirational Bo Dallas interjects to mediate the madness by affirming everyone and lifting up their awesomeness. That is a beautiful archetype right there. And anything that gets Heath Slater on television more is a good idea in my book.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

VUNDACAST CH. 67 BTILC RE-RUN SHOW with Gerald Okamura and Charlie from the Girlfriend Movies Podcast

That's right you get two new(ish) podcasts on the same day. Why? We want to produce four podcasts a month this year on the Vundacast. So to meet the goal for January, means doubling up today. So know this,  if you are following our fine podcast this year, that if you haven't gotten four by the end of the month. You may get multiple episodes dropped on one day. Also if we're short I reserve the right to replay BTiLC podcast episodes like I'm doing today. So enjoy the second and third episode of the BTiLC podcast are on this episode of the Vundacast.

On this Edition of the Vundacast Stephen gives you episodes form his other podcast the BTiLC podcast (the podcast dedicated to the greatest film ever made Big Trouble in Little China)(subscribe here). Listen to an interview with martial arts legend Gerald Okamura and a conversation with Charlie of Girlfriend Movies podcast(subscriber here). 

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VUNDACAST ch. 66 An Interview with Manny Trembley PLUS Frank and Stephen Execute Order 66

Stephen interviews Manny Trembley about his Kickstarter success and also chats with Frank about all things Star Wars

On this edition of the Vundacast Stephen interviews Manny Trembley on his Kickstarter Victoria Jr. Presents Little Prometheus(go and be backer now), also Blockbuster guy Frank and Stephen ride around talking all things Star Wars. Follow and Tweet us @vundablog and @vundacast  subscribe on iTunes 
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Monday, January 25, 2016

Nic Cage Monday: White Kitty


VUNDACAST ch. 65 Never Do Western Prequels

Stephen sits down with old high school chums The Meza Bros before they make their way to Sundance with their short film Boniato

On this edition of the Vundacast Stephen sits down the Andres and Diego the Meza Bros. Miami filmmakers on their way to Sundance with the short film Boniato. They talk about everything that matters JCVD, Michael Bay movies, Kevin Smith, high school memories, blockbuster, and they play a special game in the prototype phase about pitching movies. Lots of laughs and movie nerding out on this epic edition of the Vundacast. Tweet and follow us @vundacast and @vundablog  subscribe to us on iTunes and stitcher

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Also we got new podcast art by Nicholas Malara that will be explained in depth in a future episode.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

VUNDACAST ch 64 FFF Returns ep.13 with a Bonus PCFC Mini ep. 1 and Dani too

On this first Vundacast of 2016 Stephen hangs with D-rock and talks about silly wrestling matches Fake Fighting Frenzy style from Wrestlemania 22 and Star Wars. Also Dani does six degrees to Star Wars with Mark Wahlberg. Plus a Pop-Culture Flow Chart Mini Episode with Mr. J talking the other Star...Trek. A jam packed episode of the Vundacast for your ears. Follow @VUNDACAST or @VUNDABLOG Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher and Like us on Facebook by searching Vundablog.com connect with us in 2016.

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Check out the full Joey Style's WWE Shoot here

Also here's the Jedi Academy Mod where Anakin Kills Younglings

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Turtle Talk Thursday: CBR TV @ SDCC: Kevin Eastman on His "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Odyssey

The dream is so simple "Make about two thousand dollars each pre-tax in profits so we could pay our rent, we can eat all the macaroni and cheese we want, and get to draw comic books for a living"

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

VUNDACAST ch 63 the Trials of Trivia starring Everybody

On this final installment of the Vundacast for the year 2015 the Vundacast contributors assemble and play a game of trivia crafted by Stephen. Hear as Dani, Mr.J, and D-Rock compete for a sizable prize. They trivialize Star Wars, Rocky, the Simpsons, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also featuring special guest Lauren and Mrs. J. Also super special canine guest Lily. Tweet us @vundablog and @vundacast subscribe on iTunes and stitcher.

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This is the video that got Dani deducted 50 points. Was it worth it?

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Turtle Talk Thursday: TMNT (1990) Rare Ending

Let's end this year with a Turtle moment that was left on the cutting room floor. Happy New Years!!!