Wednesday, August 1, 2018

#Supercon Vundacast Wrestling Spectacular

Recorded live on July 13th 2018
5:15pm-6:15pm in Room 317

Hosts: Stephen, Blockbusterguy Frank,  & Mr. J, lead a wrestling appreciation panel.

This was the 5th of our ten panels @FLORIDASUPERCON.Your humble hosts had a great time and shared a lot of cool stories and jokes. We would love to get emails and tweets from all the interesting characters we interacted with and make sure to let#supercon know you enjoyed us and want us back.

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We are working on more panel highlight videos and all of our cosplay coverage please be patient with us. 

We will have a table at OUTcon 

on August 4th at the Miami Airport Convention Center. 

We will be running a raffle with proceeds to go to Pridelines


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