Read Pile 1/30/08

Whenever I pick up my comics the first thing I do before reading them is organize them into the "Read Pile". The one on top being the one I am most interested and invested in the ones on the bottom usually being something i've never read before or don't have that much interest in and am stuck with.


1. ACTION COMICS #861- I am loving Geoff Johns run and arc with the legion of super heroes. The art is fantastic and the story thus far is top notch it will definitely be at the top of my read pile.


2. NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #2 - I love the New Avenger's line up especially cause spidey is on it, I hope this'll explain how this brand new day crap fits with this and new avengers history.


3. GREEN LANTERN #27 - Another Geoff Johns book what can I say the man is a genius.


4. COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 13 - Hope that superman prime finally gets his butt whooped.


5. JSA CLASSIFIED #34 - I love Hourman he's such a weird kind of dorky character. this is a good comic to jump on.


6. MIGHTY AVENGERS #8 - I really hope this book doesn't suck i was about to give it up due to it's inability to ship regularly, but since this will be a key book for secret invasion I'm gonna hang on at least till that's over and the Avenger's reach a status quo. Also I'm really sick of Bendis's thought baloons they only serve to make our heroes seem duplicitous. Oh and I almost forgot Ares blows!!!


7. PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #0 - Only reason I'm picking this up is cause Alex Ross is involved. Good time to jump on.


8. TRIALS OF SHAZAM # 11 (OF 12) - The story isn't horrible but it's not that great. I'm just on it to see what Captain Marvel will be like in the future.


9. BLACK ADAM THE DARK AGE #6 (OF 6) - Finally we get to find out what his new magic word is. My money is on "kltpzyxm"


10. COUNTDOWN TO ADVENTURE #6 (OF 8) - This book is week I'm happy there's only two issues left the only reason I pick it up is for the forerunner backup story. 


11. CAPTAIN AMERICA CHOSEN #6 (OF 6) - I hope this ties into cap #34 shown below I've been on this mini since it started and i love the emotional resonance it carries. 


12. CAPTAIN AMERICA #34 - Should be a good jumping on point and alex ross is involved in it so let's see what happens. 


13. DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #5 (OF 8) - This book is boring as heck. Hope it is a satisfying villain reveal.


14. WHAT IF SPIDER-MAN VS WOLVERINE - I'm a sucker for what ifs. Easy issue to jump on. 



Shelly said…
I organize my comics in reading order, too. But then, I change the order a couple of times before I finish. :)
Stephen said…
i do to somehwat based on the mood i'm in but the top 5 usually remain the top 5
Mel said…
I have never read any comic books but I am interested in getting into some. Do you have any suggestions on a good one to start with?

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