One of my favorite things to google is hot chicks in superhero apparel the theme to think about today is Superman.

 If you find any great pictures of chicks in hot superhero apparel send it over to me. Either by email or post a link in the comments.


The Nerdy Bird said…
Haha, oh you men. :)

That second one is mine actually, did you find it randomly on google or from me directly?
melissa said…
stephen! this is melissa, the girl from ohio that you haven't hung out with in months. I want to contact you but I have a new phone and no number for you. will you please email me your number?
I don't' know why but the girls look so hot when they are using this kind of costumes, specially when they are wearing miniskirts. Also they normally prefer to use masculine heroes as their inspiration, for example Superman or Batman.
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Anonymous said…
randomly lyan...

probably hasn't been a long enough time.... thought i'd say hi.

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