Way-Too-Early College Football Predictions

Just to give you an idea of what a complete nerd I am and how much free time I have on my hands, I went through every single game this year involving a top 25 team and attempted to predict who would win each one. It wasn't easy (some games were nearly impossible to decide, such as Texas/Oklahoma, Miami/Ohio State, and Georgia/Florida) and with that many games to pick, I didn't exactly examine each one closely...but dammit, I'm just so excited that college football season begins THIS WEEK that I had to do something fun (yes, this is FUN for me) in anticipation. It may be a little biased (yeah, I have Miami running the table and playing for a national title, but I'm also not the only one)

Miami (undefeated) def. Florida State

Big 12
Oklahoma (undefeated) def. Nebraska

Big East

Big Ten
Ohio State (1-loss)

Pac 10
Oregon (undefeated)

Alabama (undefeated) def. Georgia

Final BCS Standinds

1. Alabama 13-0
2. Miami 13-0
3. Oklahoma 13-0
4. Oregon 12-0
5. Georgia 12-1
6. Boise State 12-0
7. Texas 11-1
8. TCU 12-0
9. Ohio State 11-1
10. Pittsburgh 11-1

BCS Championship
Alabama def. Miami


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