Stoner Metal Mix

I just put the finishing touches on what I think may be one of the best overall mixes I've ever made and I just had to, I should note, this is not specifically a stoner metal mix in terms of the genre's just a bunch of cool "metal" (term used somewhat loosely) that I thoroughly enjoy listening to when I'm stoned...the real point is that some of these transitions are really awesome--particularly the stretch from #9 to #13...

1. Metallica - The Ecstacy of Gold (S&M)
2. Metallica - The Call of Ktulu (S&M)
3. Between the Buried and Me - Mordecai
4. Tool - Intermission
5. Tool - Jimmy
6. Kylesa - The Curse of Lost Days (Pt. III)
7. Dethklok - Into the Water
8. Isis - So Did We
9. Buried Inside - Time as Imperialism
10. Crestfallen - Scouring For Any Signs of Life
11. Coalesce -
12. Converge - My Great Devastator
13. Mudvayne - Prod
14. Mare - They Sent You
15. Cave In - Juggernaut


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