October 7th - THRICE @ Revolution

here's what Thrice would play in my utopian fantasy world:

1. Lullaby
2. The Weight of Glory
3. Yellow Belly
4. Burn the Fleet
5. Flags of Dawn
6. Broken Lungs
7. Daedalus
8. The Earth Will Shake
9. Hold Fast Hope
10. Talking Through Glass/We Move Like Swingsets
11. Come All You Weary
12. Open Water
13. Lost Continent
14. The Whaler
15. Red Sky
16. Music Box
17. Like Moths to Flame
18. Backdraft
19. The Weight
20. Trust
21. The Melting Point of Wax
22. All That's Left
23. Silhouette
24. The Artist In the Ambulance
25. Cold Cash and Colder Hearts
26. Kill Me Quickly
27. To Awake and Avenge the Dead
28. Deadbolt
29. For Miles
30. Beggars

The more of these they play, the more epic this show will be...


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