Top Twenty FiveS (plural)


1. LSU
This is the only team that's proven anything as far as I'm concerned.  They utterly flushed a top 5 team in Week 1 and that's good enough for me at this stage of the season.
2. Alabama
Another impressive win over Penn State puts them on top of Oklahoma for at least this week (Oklahoma faces FSU next).
3. Oklahoma
Possibly the most talented team in the country but so far untested.
4. Boise State
In spite of the fact that Georgia lost, Boise's dismantling of them in Week 1 looks mighty impressive right now.
5. Wisconsin
Russell Wilson has been looking great for the Badgers.  It's pretty obvious this is the best team in the Big Ten right now.
6. Texas A&M
This is going to be a really tough team to get by in the Big 12 this year with a senior at QB and a monster defense.
7. Oklahoma State
With Brandon Weedon and Justin Blackmon back, this is going to be one of the most potent offenses in the nation.
8. Stanford
With Andrew Luck, anything is possible.
9. Nebraska
Can't wait to see how they stack up with the rest of the Big Ten.  Back-to-back battles with Wisconsin and Ohio State are going to be very interesting.
10. Florida State
I'm still not really 100% sold on this team with E.J. Manuel under center.  But then, who's going to beat them in the ACC other than Virginia Tech?

11. Virginia Tech
12. West Virginia
13. South Carolina
14. Arkansas
15. Oregon
16. Baylor
17. South Florida
18. Michigan State
19. Florida
20. Ohio State
21. Texas
22. Auburn
23. Arizona State
24. Michigan
25. FIU

AP Top 25

1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama (+1)
3. LSU (-1)
4. Boise State
5. Florida State
6. Stanford
7. Wisconsin (+1)
8. Oklahoma State (+1)
9. Texas A&M (-2)
10. Nebraska
11. South Carolina (+1)
12. Oregon (+1)
13. Virginia Tech (-2)
14. Arkansas
15. Michigan State (+2)
16. Florida (+2)
17. Ohio State (-2)
18. West Virginia (+1)
19. Baylor (+1)
20. South Florida (+2)
21. Auburn (+6)
22. Arizona State (+4)
23. TCU (+2)
24. Texas
25. Mississippi State (-9)

Biggest Winners:
-Alabama - another win against a mediocre Penn State team and they're back out in front of LSU
-Wisconsin & Oklahoma State - both took advantage of Texas A&M's bye week by looking impressive against inferior teams
-South Carolina & Oregon - Virginia Tech's unimpressive win over (a very underrated) East Carolina let the door open for SC and Oregon to jump the Hokies (in spite of the fact that SC looked equally unimpressive against a now-0-and-2 Georgia team).
-Michigan State, Florida, and South Florida - an unimpressive win by the Buckeyes over Toledo and MSU's loss to Auburn bumped the Spartans, Gators, and Bulls up two spots each as they all cruised to easy victories.
-Auburn - proved that Utah State was tougher than you think with an impressive win over Mississippi State
-Arizona State - great win over Missouri (although I thought Mizzou was overrated all along)
-TCU - somehow leapfrogged Texas with a win over Air Force
-Georgia - that the Bulldogs are actually still receiving votes from both polls is a testament to how tough the schedule has been...they'll still get 8 or 9 wins and play in a decent bowl
Biggest Losers:
-LSU - the only team that has beaten a top 5 opponent and they get jumped by Bama
-Texas A&M - watched from home as Wisconsin and Oklahoma State passed them by
-Virginia Tech & Ohio State - struggles putting away inferior opponents left the Hokies and Buckeyes open to two teams apiece passing them by
-Texas - has won their first two games and yet were passed over by a 1-1 TCU team in the big slide due to MSU's loss

USA Today Top 25

1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. LSU
4. Boise State (+1)
5. Florida State (-1)
6. Stanford
7. Oklahoma State
8. Wisconsin (+1)
9. Texas A&M (-1)
10. Nebraska
11. South Carolina (+1)
12. Virginia Tech (-1)
13. Arkansas
14. Oregon
15. Michigan State (+1)
16. Ohio State (-1)
17. Florida (+1)
18. Arizona State (+5)
19. Auburn (+3)
20. West Virginia (+4)
21. Texas
22. South Florida (+5)
23. TCU (+2)
24. Baylor (+2)
25. Mississippi State (-8)

Biggest Winners:
-Boise State - apparently the coaches are sold on the Broncos after seeing the Bulldogs go toe-to-toe with the Gamecocks
-Wisconsin - jumping the Aggies on their bye week
-South Carolina & Michigan State - jumping a spot after lackluster wins by the Hokies and Buckeyes
-Arizona State, Auburn, West Virginia, and South Florida - big jumps for all four
Biggest Losers:
-Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, and Ohio State - all dropped a spot without losing a game
-Texas - jumped over by Arizona State, Auburn, and West Virginia despite a win


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