Mix CD: Music of the 99%

1. Darkest Hour - The Sadist Nation
2. Crestfallen - Nine to Five RSVP
3. Every Time I Die - Enter Without Knocking and Notifying the Police
4. Every Time I Die - The Logic of Crocodiles
5. Refused - Protest Song '68
6. Leftover Crack - Gang Control
7. Thrice - Cold Cash and Colder Hearts
8. Thursday - For the Workforce, Drowning
9. Rage Against the machine - The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen cover)
10. Fear Factory - Securitron (Police State 2000)
11. Propagandhi - Purina Hall of Fame
12. Against Me! - What We Worked For
13. Bruce Springsteen - We Shall Overcome
14. The Beatles - Revolution 1
15. On the Strings Of - Brick By Brick
16. This Is My Fist! - Voice from Occupationland
17. Aus Rotten - Welfare Recipients
18. Refused - Deadly Rhythm
19. The Assistant - 93,800 Hours


hobbitcore said…
most of the lyrics of the songs here should be fairly easy to find with a quick Google search apart from this one that might take a little work so I'm just gonna post it here...

This Is My Fist! - Voice From Occupationland

i'm feeling at war again
is it wrong if i long for the simplified easy life
my psyche screams to laugh out loud
at those who say act your age
and why not try to find a real job
the grey suit man looms nearby
with a noose and a suitcase full of stock quotes
"it's your suicide" he said
"if you want to be like me
keep the white noise on
it dulls the anger, dulls the pain"
i'm feeling at war again
with the moans of the drones while they're talking on their cell phones
my heart yearns to smash and grab
on the mold i was sold from the time i took my first breath
"if you want to dream on your own time
that's okay with me"
so keep your pants on mister
cause you're born and you work
and you work and you die

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