VUNDACAST ch. 65 Never Do Western Prequels

Stephen sits down with old high school chums The Meza Bros before they make their way to Sundance with their short film Boniato

On this edition of the Vundacast
Stephen sits down with Andres and Diego the Meza Bros. Miami filmmakers on their way to Sundance with the short film Boniato. They talk about everything that matters JCVD, Michael Bay movies, Kevin Smith, high school memories, blockbuster, and they play a special game in the prototype phase about pitching movies. Lots of laughs and movie nerding out on this epic edition of the Vundacast. Tweet and follow us @vundacast and @vundablog  subscribe to us on iTunes and stitcher

Also we got new podcast art by Nicholas Malara that will be explained in depth in a future episode.


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