Star Wars Force Sensitive Friday: Hasbro Star Wars Black Series fan choice polls results!

Welcome Back everyone to another Force Sensitive Friday! It's me Frank again here to give you guys an update on the Star Wars Black Series fan poll with the results and i have to say it was one heck of a poll this year! There are so many things I want to say about this year's Black Series fan choice polls, but first I'd like to say with great excitement that Jaina Solo was the winner of this year's polls! 
The first three days of the polls the number one spot kept changing between Jaina Solo, Galen Marek Starkiller and Darth Talon. In the beginning of the polls in the first day Jaina started off strong in the lead as i predicted, but no sooner than the first day Galen took the lead in day two and soon afterwards Darth Talon advanced from near last straight towards the top. In the final day of the polls in the end it was neck and neck between Galen and Jaina and it was all decided by a very close one percent difference!

percent difference! Sure some may say that winning the polls with 32 percent isn't that much of a wow factor, but to me when i look at all of the candidates that were chosen for the finals and see how often they would go up and down percentages i could tell that compared to last year's Black Series fan choice poll that this year's has had far more fan participating and voting this time around. Aside from the voting there were many fans in the community just  spreading the word about this years polls and encouraged other fans to join in and vote as well.The event itself sparked plenty of conversations and debates in the communities about each of the characters especially with fans attending San Diego comic con!

This honestly gave me a good chuckle because even though it's a bit exaggerated at the same time it's pretty accurate since this year's poll had so many tough choices to pic between. On just want to briefly talk about each of the finalists for a moment.


Dengar's advancement into the finals really surprised me, I've always seen him as a very underrated character. He first appeared briefly in Empire Strikes back for a moment but shined in the Legends  EU and soon after in the Clone Wars animated series. Throughout the years his popularity has been slowly growing in the community and throughout the five days of the poll he was consistently holding a solid 10 percent. In the end he ended up in a tie with Mara Jade with 7 percent of the votes. Hopefully one day he would be included in a future line up. Maybe in a Bounty Hunter set if were lucky.

Mara Jade Skywalker

Going to be completly honest it saddens me that Mara did not make it towards the top. Throughout the polls like Dengar kept an average of 10 percent. However fret not everyone there is always her Black Series figure from 2013.

Captain Rex

Captain Rex CT-7567 is a character i expected to be in the top due to his popularity from the Clone Wars animated series. Throughout the five days he held a solid 15-17 percent most of the time. He ended up with 9 percent of votes at the end. And even though he did not win this year just like Mara he two has a Black series figure.

Darth Talon

I wasn't surprised to see to see Darth Talon advance into the finals this year due to her growing popularity in the community. But what did surprise and get me interested is that she in the beginning of the polls was at the near bottom of the list but soon after the second day she raised up in the polls. Not only did she topple Rex in the polls but also Jaina and Galen as well for awhile with roughly a 25-29 percent in the polls strongly holding her position at number 1 for that day. She consistently maintained third place afterwards. Another character that im hoping that will have her time in the spotlight one day. The fact that she was able to be in the top three and her character hasn't made an appearance since before the EU was retconed is still a good thing to see. The only potential appearances Darth Talon had in recent years was the cancled Darth Maul game and that she was considered to be a character in TFA. And just with all that she's been getting up there in the popularity who know's she could have a good chance of being a future line up. 

Galen Marek Starkiller

As I said in the previous Force Sensitive Friday Galen Marek Starkiller is a character in the recent years has grown to become very popular in the Star Wars community. It did not surprise me to see Galen consistently be in the top of the votes throughout the entire five days of the voting maintaining a spot between 1-3 consistently since day one. Not only that up to my knowledge he never got lower in the polls than 3rd which is very impressive and it shows that he still remains a fan favorite character that still is requested for by the fans. He may not of won this year but don't worry Galen has his own black series figure as well based off his TFU 2 design. And who knows maybe one day we will get another one with his design from TFU 1.

Jaina Solo

Throughout the months leading into the black series polls there has been several discussions amongst the community of voting for Jaina for this year's black series fan polls and to me it's no surprise she would get to the top and win. Checking out the various with the hashtag #voteJaina #voteStarkiller #voteTalon were fun to see over the internet especially seeing yesterday and today's posts between #voteJaina and #voteStarkiller and how riled up the community has been this week. There is no doubt in my mind that when the black series Jaina figure goes into production many fans will rally next year for Jacen and Anakin Solo so that the remaining Solo Children can join Jaina and their alternate canon sibling Ben Solo and have a black series figure in the future possibly.

One final thing i want to address real quick, when it comes to the poll's voting system i believe it's time for a change and one that we  definitely should of had for this years fan poll. Now don't get me wrong i did enjoy seeing the number one spot changing between Jaina Solo, Darth Talon and Galen Marek during the first three days leading into the close 1 percent difference end. But just like last year there are many fans that have been complaining since the first day that there has been  cheating in the polls. The problem with the finals voting system is that anyone can vote for any character as many time as they would want to and just imagine how easy it can be to spam votes with it. Not only that trying to figure out half the time which amount of votes are legitimate or not. You would think they would of learned from last years issues to prevent stuff like this from happening and that they would rework how the poll would be in the future. But unfortunately nothing has been done yet not have i seen any responses from them about updating the voting system in the polls, What I find  ironic is that the preliminaries rounds technically had a better voting system that was far more fair than the one held in the finals. Hasbro had selected certain select of websites and in order to vote you had to register your email to the website and then make a comment for the character of your choosing. Everyone had one vote and it is a good idea they should consider for next year and if not why not just make it one vote per IP. Hopefully next year if enough feedback is given to Hasbro Lucasfilm and Disney they might make improvements to the voting next year. 


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