Introducing Our 31 Day Horror Challenge: #VundaHalloweenAthon

This spooky season we have some very exciting things planned and we humbly invite you to join us for a fun filled journey to celebrate Halloween...

Last year we had a blast following a #31dayhorrorchallenge. We watched more than a hundred movies combined last October and discussed some of them over the course of five consecutive podcasts.  

This year, we here at Vundacast Productions wanted to consolidate our efforts into our very own list of 31 horror themes for the month to celebrate our #VundaHalloweenAthon!

This Halloween, join us in curating your very own month-long horror movie marathon with this collection of sweet graphics! Follow us on Twitter and tag us @Vundablog and @Vundacast in your daily posts using the hashtag #VundaHalloweenAthon, share pictures of what you're watching, and let us know what you choose so we can enjoy too!

You can also join the conversation by following us on Youtube at Vundacast Productions and make sure to Subscribe to the Vundacast podcast to listen in on this month-long journey from anywhere in the world. 


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