Play Zombies Ate My Neighbors and get hyped for #VundaHalloweenathon


This is the SNES version Zombies ate My Neighbors from 1993 (works best on chrome) by Lucas Arts and Konami. It has got a cool soundtrack a gameplay style that mixes pacman with a beat-em up shooter. We are 42 days from the start of #VundaHalloweenathon  2022 and the start of October. We have 31 movie themes for each day to help celebrate the spooky season. Give us a follow on twitter @Vundacast and @Vundablog for all the details and coverage. We are also launching a Tik Tok @Vundacast where Dani created a Black Horror tribute last year for #Vundahalloweenathon expect more updates in the following weeks.

We also know their is a lot of confusion and we found this really helpful website that helps one become a master at distinguishing Harvey Weinstein and Ryan Kavanaugh two very scary film producers that would give anyone a fright. Here's the link

Stay Scary, Stay Safe
-Stephen E


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